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    Water leaks are common, but that doesn’t mean they should be ignored. In fact, if you spot a water leak in your home or place of work, you need to contact a plumber right away to prevent further damage. Leaky pipes can be very dangerous, and you may face unpleasant and scary consequences if you ignore this problem. 

    Many homeowners will ignore small water leaks and will assume it’s not a serious problem, but this is far from the truth, and this problem cannot be overlooked. Leaking pipes need to be fixed the moment they are noticed, and this is true regardless of the size of the hole. Every leak can be potentially dangerous, and even a few drops can be problematic. 

    It Can Negatively Affect Your Health

    Leaking pipes can lead to a number of health issues and are especially dangerous for anyone struggling with asthma or any kind of allergy. A water leak can trigger attacks because it is a sign that there is stagnant water present, and this can be very dangerous for respiration. 

    A water leak can also cause surface mould to grow in affected areas, and this can cause a variety of infections like eye irritation, rashes, fever, coughs and respiratory disease. Water leaks will lead to moisture, and this will become the perfect breeding place for moulds, mildews and disease-carrying pests. This can sometimes cause malaria, which is very dangerous to your health. For this reason, you need to contact a professional to fix your water leak the moment you spot one in your home.

    Your health must be prioritized, and leaky pipes must be repaired fast. 

    It Can Increase Your Water Bills

    Believe it or not, even the smallest water drip can increase your monthly water bill because a continuous leaking pipe will waste a significant amount of water, even if it is one drop at a time. The amount of water you waste every day will raise the cost of your water bills, and you will have to spend more instead of saving. 

    Calling a plumber will prevent you from having to spend unnecessarily, and you will have more money in your pocket every month!

    It Can Lead to Serious Damage

    A leak of any kind can cause major damage to your home if it is ignored. Mould can deteriorate the structure of your home, and you will have to pay for new walls or renovations if the leak is not addressed. If you deal with leaky pipes in a timely manner, you will spend a lot less than if you have to repair your home, which can cost thousands of dollars. 


    Are you looking for a plumber who can fix leaky pipes? Tap tech is one phone call away! Our plumbers will fix the issue before it becomes more serious, and you can rely on our team if you are dealing with a leaking pipe. Contact us today to learn more about our plumbing solutions!