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    Backup Sump Pump System Installations & Service


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    Backup Sump System Installations & Service

    Having a backup sump pump provides an extra layer of protection against flooding when your primary pump fails. Tap Tech offers professional backup sump system installations delivering complete peace of mind.

    As your local plumbing experts for over 25 years, we handle all aspects of redundant sump pump system design and installation. Our licensed technicians utilize advanced methods to integrate secondary pumps with minimal property disturbance.

    At Tap Tech, we aim to be the provider your community turns to for their plumbing needs. Our licensed Plumbers make it their mission to provide reliable solutions and exceptional service. We take pride in consistently delivering that quality experience when installing backup sump systems.

    The Benefits of Installing Backup Sump Pump Systems

    Continuing to rely on just a single sump pump to keep your basement or crawlspace dry is an increasingly risky gamble over time. Eventually that primary pump will fail due to age and constant use, leaving you completely vulnerable and unprotected from flooding during heavy rains. Even if the pump is working fine, power outages will render it totally useless until electricity is restored. And pump reliability sharply declines after 15+ years of operation, no matter how well you maintain it.

    Installing a secondary backup sump pump system provides affordable peace of mind by giving you a redundant pumping system ready to automatically take over if your main pump stops working for any reason. With an integrated backup pump and clever control switchover, you can rest assured knowing that if your primary layer of flooding protection fails, a secondary layer is ready to kick in and keep your basement or crawlspace dry. Don’t gamble on just one pump—be proactive and get a backup sump system installed by the professionals at Tap Tech.

    How It Works:

    When you have Tap Tech handle your backup sump pump system installation, we take you through a systematic process to ensure flawless functionality. We start with a detailed site evaluation, carefully assessing your property to determine the optimal backup system design and equipment layout. Next, we recommend the ideal secondary pump model and accessories to seamlessly integrate with your existing setup. 

    Our technicians then handle all the wiring, plumbing, mounting, and clever control switchover necessary for a fully redundant system. Once installed, we thoroughly test the backup system under a variety of conditions to validate smooth automatic changeover from the main to the backup pump when needed. We also take care to remove all construction debris, leaving your space clean. Lastly, we provide instructions on properly maintaining both pumps and periodically testing that your backup activates as required. When Tap Tech installs your backup sump pump system, every detail down to the location, equipment, installation, and testing is handled with care by our courteous professionals.

    Backup Sump Pump Installation

    Same-Day & Next-Day Service for a 5-Star Experience

    With over 25 years of experience and deep expertise guiding every step, Tap Tech delivers a higher standard for backup sump system installations. Our systems are fully resilient, and we’ve installed every type of configuration. We only use top quality pumps and equipment from leading brands in our backup systems. Our licensed Plumber will thoroughly test for automatic switchover between pumps under varied real-world conditions to validate seamless functionality. We also provide ongoing maintenance guidance to keep your system working properly in the long-term.

    Furthermore, our promise of pricing transparency ensures you’ll never encounter unexpected costs. We have straightforward conversations about all charges and keep you fully informed from start to finish. With Tap Tech, you only pay for the backup sump pump installation work performed. If any additional requirements arise, we provide detailed estimates upfront.

    Don’t leave your property vulnerable—be proactive and call Tap Tech at 343-305-1172 for expert backup sump pump system installations. Available 24/7!

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