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    Commercial Drain Cleaning Services


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    Clogged drains and sewer backups can bring your business to a grinding halt. But plumbing emergencies don’t have to paralyze operations when you have the rapid response team from Tap Tech on your side. For over 25 years restaurants, hotels, cafeterias, bars and many other establishments have trusted Tap Tech to keep things flowing smoothly. We are the drain cleaning specialists who quickly clear clogs, remove foul odors, and restore proper drainage.

    Drain Cleaning Services

    With regular maintenance from our pros, you can avoid unexpected shutdowns and expensive emergency repair costs down the road. We apply decades of plumbing experience to customize cleaning plans for your specific needs. Focus on running your business while Tap Tech prevents drain disasters. Clogged drains and sewer backups make it impossible to operate efficiently in any commercial facility. Slow drains gradually grind activity to a stop. Foul odors drive away customers. Backups create health hazards and lead to nasty cleanups. Ultimately, severe clogs force you to completely shut down and halt revenue until expensive emergency drain repairs can be made.

    At bars, restaurants, cafeterias, hotels, and other establishments, grease, food particles, and debris accumulate in pipes over time. Drainage slows to a trickle as pipes become coated in thick gunk. Tap water starts pooling rather than flowing down the drain. Foul sewer gasses bubble up and create that unpleasant rotten egg smell. Before you know it, plumbing is at a standstill.

    The Benefits of Proactive Drain Cleaning


    Being proactive about commercial drain cleaning saves you money in the long run by avoiding emergency plumbing headaches. It also enhances key aspects of your business operations. Proactive maintenance helps prevent unexpected shutdowns from drain clogs or sewer backups. It allows you to offer full restaurant or bar menu options and keep bathrooms and other facilities open and usable. Normal dishwashing and kitchen cleanliness can continue without disruption. Foul sewer odors that drive away customers are eliminated through regular maintenance. 

    Flooding damage to inventory is avoided by preventing clogs before they occur. Employee health and safety is promoted with properly functioning drains. And your brand reputation is maintained by staying on top of issues and avoiding any health code violations from plumbing problems. In every aspect, staying proactive with commercial drain cleaning enhances your business.

    The Tap Tech Commercial Drain Solution


    For over 25 years, businesses have trusted Tap Tech for commercial drain cleaning and maintenance. We are the plumbing medic that helps keep your operations flowing smoothly. Our high-powered hydro jetting service blasts away obstructions and restores proper drainage.

    Gone are the days of employees sitting idle from backed up sinks or customers leaving your restaurant due to foul odors. With Tap Tech, you invest just a small amount in regular drain maintenance to avoid huge emergency repair costs down the road.


    Hydro Jetting: The Gold Standard


    Hydro jetting is the superior drain cleaning method that clears clogs thoroughly and extends the life of your pipes. Using the latest equipment, we propel water at up to 2500 PSI to scour the full interior surface of your drain lines.

    This blast of concentrated water pressure washes away years of accumulated grease, soap buildup, food particles, and other debris that gradually chokes your pipes. We remove it all to restore free flowing drains.

    Hydro jetting cleans better than snaking drains with cable augers. Augers only clean the middle of pipes but leave all that built-up gunk on the sides. Our jetting cleans the entire circumference for complete results.

    For the toughest clog jobs, we may first employ mechanical augers to break up the worst blockages before finishing with high pressure water jets. Our technicians will determine the best plan based on each unique situation.

    Hydro Jetting Service
    Commercial Drain Cleaning Services

    Why Rely on Tap Tech?

    At Tap Tech, we know drain emergencies can quickly spiral out of control when clogs are left unchecked. The faster our professionals can respond, the better for minimizing disruption to your business.

    That’s why our team of licensed plumbers are on-call 24/7 to provide rapid response when you need us urgently. We aim to have a technician at your location within 60 minutes or less after your call, day or night.

    Once on-site, our experts diagnose the drain problem and provide transparent, upfront pricing so you can make informed decisions on repairs. We implement effective long-term solutions, not quick band-aid fixes, using advanced techniques and quality equipment. Throughout the process, we offer friendly support to answer all your questions.

    Our goal is simple – resolve your drain emergency and restore normal operations as quickly as possible with minimal impact to your business. At Tap Tech, you can count on prompt, honest, reliable emergency drain assistance around the clock when you need it most.

    Trust the Commercial Drain Experts

    Business owners – let Tap Tech handle drain maintenance so you can focus on customers and operations. We know you have better things to worry about than plumbing headaches. Experience the difference of relying on true professionals. We treat every job like it’s our own establishment.

    Tap Tech proudly serves establishments across Southeastern Ontario from Kingston to Brockville, Gananoque and beyond. Contact us for a customized drain maintenance plan tailored to your specific business.

    Take the headache out of plumbing and call Tap Tech at 343-305-1172 today! Or request your appointment online for convenient scheduling. 

    Invest in prevention and keep the heart of your business flowing.


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