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    Clogged Drains Services

    Tap Tech’s Drain Cleaning Services

    Tap Tech: Your Local Drain Cleaning & Sewer Specialists With Over 25 Years of Experience. Clogged or Slow drains? Overflowing toilets? Don’t wait! Tap Tech offers fast, reliable drain cleaning services for homes and businesses in Kingston, Gananoque, Brockville, Elgin, Greater Napanee and Surrounding Areas. 


    • Kitchen & Bathroom Drain Cleaning
    • Basement Floor Drain Clearing
    • Laundry Room Drain Solutions
    • Toilet Clog Removal
    • Main Sewer Line Cleaning
    • Drain Camera Inspection
    • Hydro jetting for Tough Clogs

    Drainage Cleaning

    Our drain cleaning services clear blockages from all drain lines, from individual fixtures like sinks, tubs, and toilets to your entire drainage system. We use high-powered tools, specialized machines, and techniques to break up and remove any buildup or debris that is obstructing flow. After our cleaning, drains will drain quickly and efficiently once again.

    Drain Camera Inspection Services

    To diagnose problems fully, we perform detailed inspections of drains using specialized cameras that allow the visualization of pipes from the inside. This helps locate any breaks, cracks, tree roots or buildup obstructing flow without invasive techniques. Camera inspections guide our cleaning and repair work for fixing issues at their source.

    Hydro Jetting ServiceHydrojet Drain Cleaning

    For tough blockages, our hydro-jetting equipment uses high-pressure water jets to blast stubborn buildup, dirt and obstructions from deep inside drain pipes. This industrial-strength cleaning breaks apart and scours out restrictions that can’t be cleared normally. It’s highly effective for fully restoring open and unblocked drainage.

    Clogged Drain Cleaning

    Whether a single drain fixture or your entire system is blocked, we have the right equipment and techniques to locate and clear any clog. Our highly trained technicians use specialized machines, power tools, snake cameras and jetting to break up clogs caused by hair, grease or other objects and debris.

    Clogged Kitchen Drain 

    Grease and food buildup are common causes of slow kitchen drains. Our drain jetting machines and augers are specifically designed to break up grease blockages and solve drainage problems. We’ll have your kitchen sink flowing smoothly again.

    Clogged Bathtub or Shower Drain

    Hair is a leading cause of tub and shower drain clogs that a regular plunger cannot clear. We employ specialized clog removal instruments, jetting machines, and drain snakes with cameras that quickly remove any hair-based blockage and restore full drainage capacity.

    Basement Floor Drain Backed Up

    If debris or roots have infiltrated basement floor drains, it can seriously compromise drainage. Our drain cleaning tools remove the toughest obstructions by cutting, breaking and vacuuming debris out—fully clearing floor drains to keep basements dry.

    Laundry Room Drain Issues

    Lint buildup from washing machines is a major drain-clogging culprit in laundry rooms. Our expert drain technicians use high-power snake cameras and jetting tools custom for laundry room plumbing to bust through and flush out any lint restrictions.

    Beyond the first-class 5-star services, highly trained technicians and dependable same-day service from Tap Tech mean you can rest assured any drain problems will be handled promptly and completed professionally.

    Schedule your drain cleaning appointment today online or by calling 343-305-1172.

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    At Tap Tech, we have over 25 years of experience in residential and commercial drain and sewer cleaning.

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