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    Backup Sump System Installations & Service

    Tap Tech: Your Trusted Partner for Commercial Plumbing Solutions in South Eastern Ontario

    Whether you manage a bustling restaurant, a hotel or an office building, uninterrupted plumbing is vital for your day-to-day operations. But even the most robust systems face challenges. From clogged drains to aging sewer line infrastructure for industrial facilities, our team of licensed and experienced commercial plumbers are equipped to handle any plumbing issue. Tap Tech proudly serves businesses in Kingston, Elgin, Gananoque, Brockville, Greater Napanee and surrounding areas ensuring your operations run smoothly and efficiently. We understand the unique needs of businesses:

    • Minimal downtime: We prioritize swift diagnoses, efficient repairs, and proactive maintenance to minimize disruption and keep your business running smoothly.
    • Code compliance: Our licensed and insured plumbers ensure all work adheres to local regulations and industry standards, giving you peace of mind.
    • 24/7 Emergency Support: We understand that plumbing emergencies can happen anytime. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency response to minimize downtime and protect your business.

    Industries We Support:

    We have extensive experience catering to the specific needs of various industries, including:

    Restaurants & Bars:

    • Grease Trap Installation & Replacement: We prevent and address grease buildup in drains and traps, ensuring compliance and hygiene.
    • High water usage: We optimize water flow and install efficient fixtures to reduce costs and downtime
    • Sump Pumps: Clogged sump pits, faulty sump pumps, incorrect pump sizing or improper installation can lead to serious issues and prevent your business from serving clients.
    • Frozen Pipe Repairs: Thaw out frozen pipes quickly and safely with our specialized techniques, preventing burst pipes and costly damage.

    Hotels & Other Commercial Accommodations:

    • Backflow Prevention: Compromised valves can contaminate clean water with sewage, jeopardizing guest health and safety. Our technicians inspect, test, and repair backflow prevention systems, ensuring compliance with regulations and the safety of your water supply.
    • We handle issues caused by the increased demand on plumbing systems with comprehensive solutions and preventative maintenance.
    • Legionella concerns: We implement measures to prevent Legionella growth in water systems.

    Factories & Industrial Facilities:

    • Process-specific needs: We tailor our services to meet the unique plumbing requirements of various industrial processes.
    • Corrosion and wear: We use durable materials and implement strategies to minimize corrosion and wear on pipes and fixtures.
    • Compliance with environmental regulations: We ensure your plumbing systems comply with relevant environmental regulations.
    • Lateral Bursting: We use lateral bursting techniques for replacing underground service lines, preserving landscaping and reducing downtime.
    • New Water Main Installation: Whether you need a new water main for a new building or require replacement, we offer expert installation services.
    • Fixing Leaky Water Main: Avoid water damage and costly repairs with our leak detection and repair solutions for your water main.

    Schools & Educational Institutions

    Retail & Office Buildings:

    • Tenant turnover and modifications: We adapt our services to handle plumbing needs associated with tenant changes and building reconfigurations.

    Mandatory Municipal Re-inspections:

    • We assist you with mandatory municipal re-inspections for sewer lines, septic systems.

    Municipal Connections:

    • We handle the complex process of obtaining permits and connecting your business to municipal water and sewer systems.

    Property Sale Inspections:

    • Ensure a smooth sale by addressing any plumbing concerns before listing your commercial property.

    Sewer Line Location & Repair:

    • Utilize advanced techniques to locate and repair any issues with your sewer line efficiently.

    Additional Services:

    • Backflow Prevention Device Testing, Repair & Installation: Ensure compliance and water safety with our backflow prevention services.
    • Backwater Valve Installation: Protect your property from sewer backups with professional backwater valve installation.
    • Plumbing Services In Dental Facilities: We cater to the specific plumbing needs of dental facilities, ensuring hygiene and proper function.
    • General Plumbing & Drain Building Maintenance: Stay ahead of problems with our comprehensive maintenance plans, including regular inspections and preventative measures.
    • High Velocity Water Jetting: Clear even the toughest clogs with our powerful water jetting equipment, restoring drainage efficiency.
    • Sewer Line Replacement and Repair: We handle complete sewer line replacements and offer trenchless repair options to reduce down time.
    • Lead Pipe Replacement: Eliminate outdated and potentially harmful lead pipes with our safe and efficient replacement services.

    Choose Tap Tech for Reliable Commercial Plumbing Solutions. Don’t let plumbing problems disrupt your business operations.

    The Tap Tech Advantage:

    • Weโ€™re Drain, Sewer & Septic System Specialists: Consider us your one-stop spot for all major plumbing services. We have the equipment and experience to fix all issues.
    • Dependable Same-Day Service:
      We will respond to any inquiry or issue the same day you contact us. Anytime. 24/7
    • First-Class, 5-Star Experience
    • All Rates Upfront. No Service or Diagnostic Fees
    • Easy Online Booking: We make it easy to book an appointment through our website or call us at 343-305-1172
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    At Tap Tech, we have over 25 years of experience in residential and commercial drain and sewer cleaning.

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