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    Sewers, Drains, and Sump Pumps Services
    What we do?

    We are South Eastern Ontario’s Drain and Sewer Cleaning Specialists

    We specialize in Drain and Sewer Cleaning, Sump Pump Replacement, Sewage Pump Installation, Clogged Toilets and more.


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    About Tap Tech: Your Complete Solution for Sewer & Drain Challenges

    Tap Tech technicians are highly experienced in handling problems from clogged drains to major sewer lines and septic system issues. We’re not your average plumbing company – we understand that not all plumbing mishaps are created equal. While your friendly neighborhood plumber can handle leaky faucets and installations, clogged drains and complex sewer and drain issues require specialized expertise and advanced equipment. 

    What sets us apart?

    • Expert Technicians: Our team comprises licensed and certified technicians, boasting extensive experience and qualifications (BCIN registered and licensed septic system designer). We’re equipped with the knowledge and expertise to handle large and complex drain, sewer and septic challenges.
    • Advanced Technology: We invest in cutting-edge equipment, including video inspection cameras, hydrojetting tools, and other specialized tools to ensure efficient and accurate diagnoses and solutions.
    • Exceptional Communication: We understand that plumbing problems can be stressful. We’ll explain the issue in plain language, avoiding technical jargon, and keep you informed throughout the entire process, from the initial inspection to project completion. 

    Service List: We go beyond the capabilities of most plumbers, offering a wide range of services:

    • Sewer Line Inspection & Cleaning
    • Leak Detection & Repair
    • Drain Cleaning & Maintenance
    • Septic System Design, Installation & Repair
    • Sump Pump Installation & Repair
    • Commercial Drain Cleaning
    • Municipal Re-Inspections
    • Property Sale Inspections

    And more!

    We service homeowners and businesses in Kingston, Gananoque, Elgin, Greater Napanee, Brockville and all surrounding areas. Whether you manage a restaurant, hotel, or commercial property, Tap Tech has the expertise and equipment to keep your drains flowing smoothly and efficiently.

    Partnering with Plumbers:

    We understand that plumbers are often the first point of contact for homeowners and businesses experiencing sewer and drain issues. We value collaboration and recognize the expertise of local plumbers. If you’re a plumber and you encounter a complex sewer or drain issue beyond your scope, refer your customers to Tap Tech with confidence. We offer a mutually beneficial partnership program for plumbers from Kingston to Oshawa and all surrounding areas. By referring your customers to Tap Tech for complex jobs, you can:

    * Expand your service offerings without investing in specialized equipment.

    * Earn referral fees for every job you send our way.

    * Maintain customer satisfaction by offering a complete solution.

    Contact Us at 343-305-1172

    Why Tap Tech?

    Drain, Sewer & Septic System Specialists
    Dependable Same-Day Service
    First-Class, 5-Star Experience
    All Rates Upfront. No Service or Diagnostic Fees
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    Our Equipment : 

    While your local plumber may have the experience to handle drain issues, they may not have the equipment necessary to provide professional support for more complex, drain, sewer and septic systems. That’s where we stand out. From acoustic leak detection equipment to the latest drain inspection cameras you can rely on Tap Tech to be prepared to handle any drain, sewer or septic issues. We have hydrojetters and augers, as well as locating and thawing equipment. Call us today to hire a professional.

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    Tap Tech - Emergency Plumbing Services

    At Tap Tech, we have over 25 years of experience in residential and commercial drain and sewer cleaning.

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    3056 Sydenham Rd, Elginburg, Ontario K0H 1M0

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