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    Reliable Sewage Pump Replacement Services


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    Sewage Pump Replacement Services

    Failing sewage pumps can lead to messy, damaging sewer backups and drainage issues. Our licensed Plumbers handle complete pump system replacements to prevent problems before they occur. We utilize only the most reliable pump models sized specifically for your needs. Our licensed technicians follow best practices for installation and testing to ensure your new pump lasts.

    At Tap Tech, we have over 25 years of experience providing professional plumbing services to homeowners and businesses. As your trusted local experts, we specialize in seamless sewage pump replacements that restore full drainage functionality.

    We aim to be the provider turns to for their plumbing needs. Our experienced team makes it their mission to deliver reliable solutions and exceptional service. We take pride in consistently providing that quality experience when replacing sewage pumps.

    Understanding Sewage Pump Replacement

    Sewage pumps are an essential part of any home’s plumbing system. They serve a vital role in moving wastewater out of your home, whether to a municipal sewer line or septic system.

    Homes with basements, lower elevations or septic systems rely on sewage pumps to properly evacuate wastewater. As these hardworking pumps age and start to fail, it can lead to serious issues like:

    Blocked drainage: Without sufficient lift from a pump, drainage slows down and eventually becomes blocked. Drains back up, toilets don’t flush fully, and laundry wastewater has nowhere to go.

    Sewage backflows: As drainage backs up, wastewater can actually backflow out of pipes, drains and toilets, flooding basements, bathrooms and utility rooms. Sewage backflows pose serious health risks and cause extensive property damage.

    Foul odours: With wastewater backing up and unable to evacuate, noxious sewage odours increasingly permeate your home, often sickening occupants. These invasive smells are difficult to eliminate until the pump issue is resolved.

    Flooded basements: If wastewater builds up enough due to blocked drainage, it can overflow pipes and drains, inundating basements and lower levels with contaminated sewage floodwater. Basement flooding from failed sewage pumps costs thousands to remedy. Tap Tech’s solutions for basement flooding, including sump pump repair/replacement, will ensure the area remains dry and is well-protected moving forward.

    Complete sewage pump replacement is the only solution when an existing pump starts to fail. Our certified technicians perform thorough inspections to properly size a new pump for your specific needs. They then install the replacement pump along with all associated discharge, vent and electrical components.

    Comprehensive testing ensures the new sewage pump is operating properly with no leaks or issues. Once installed, a new pump can typically provide years of reliable service—but only if properly sized, installed and maintained from the start.

    How We Professionally Handle Your Sewage Pump Replacement

    When Tap Tech performs your sewage pump replacement, we take you through a systematic process to ensure everything is addressed. We start with a detailed evaluation of your existing pump, carefully inspecting it and pointing out any deficiencies or issues. Next, we help you select an optimal replacement pump from a leading brand that is sized and suited specifically for your property’s drainage requirements. Our technicians then handle the complete removal of the old failing pump and conduct a meticulous installation of the new pump, piping, floats and peripherals. 

    Before concluding the replacement, we validate the system’s functionality by running tests to confirm the new pump activates and operates as required. We also make sure to remove all old pump components and construction debris, leaving your space clean. Lastly, we provide guidance to help maintain your upgraded system so it continues providing reliable performance. When Tap Tech replaces your sewage pump, every detail is handled properly from inspection to testing.

    Reliable Sewage Pump Replacement

    When it’s time to replace your existing sewage pump, trust Tap Tech’s licensed and experienced Plumbers to deliver efficient, reliable, and fairly priced replacement services. Our longstanding commitment to transparent pricing, and honest expert advice make us your preferred choice for all sewage pump system upgrades or replacements. We make the process seamless, first taking time to understand your unique drainage requirements and property layout. Our tailored pump recommendations and installations ensure your new system operates reliably for years.

    Same-Day or Next Day Service: Your Trusted Plumbing Experts

    With Tap Tech as your steadfast partner, you can feel confident gaining back full control and integrity of your vital plumbing system. Don’t wait until pump issues worsen further – contact us today for a free quote on your next seamless sewage pump replacement. 

    Our certified Plumbers have the expertise to properly size, select and install a new pump system that reliably meets your home’s needs.

    Trust Tap Tech to proactively restore your plumbing system to peak condition.

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