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    Sewer and Drain Video Inspection


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    Sewer and Drain Video Inspection

    As a home or business owner, you likely don’t give much thought to the intricate maze of drainage pipes running underneath your property. But when plumbing issues arise, those hidden drainage systems demand attention. Signs like sewer backups, slowed drains, gurgling sounds, and leaks often indicate a growing problem within your pipes.

    To thoroughly inspect those issues, Tap Tech offers high-tech sewer and drain video inspection for properties. Our licensed Plumbers have over 25 years of extensive expertise serving commercial and residential plumbing needs in the region.

    We now use the latest camera technology to provide a detailed virtual tour inside your buried drain pipes and sewer lines. Our high-resolution video equipment lets you see exactly what’s happening within your drainage system. You’ll gain full visibility to pinpoint any damages, defects, clogs, root intrusions and other issues.

    We can target repairs only where needed, avoiding unnecessary exploratory digging. Our video drain assessments minimize property damage while maximizing results.

    When Do You Need Professional Drain Video Inspection?

    There are several important situations when Tap Tech strongly recommends scheduling our advanced sewer and drain video inspection service for your home or business:

    During drain cleaning appointments, video inspection allows us to accurately identify the underlying root cause and pinpoint the precise location of any recurring clogs or blockages. For puzzling sewer line backups, our camera inspection clearly shows whether cracked pipes, root invasions or other internal obstructions are to blame. We can also use video technology to locate the origin of any gurgling sounds, leaks, odd bubbling noises or foul smells originating from your drains. It’s an excellent validation tool after repairs to confirm everything has been fully resolved and your pipes are restored to proper condition.

    Many homeowners wisely use drain video inspection annually as preventative maintenance to proactively assess their system’s overall integrity and condition. Before embarking on major renovations or additions, a video inspection evaluates existing drainage components to identify any issues requiring attention beforehand. For commercial properties, we thoroughly inspect all drainage systems to identify any hidden defects or deterioration. Catching small root infiltrations early before they grow large enough to cause pipe damage is another smart application. For any perplexing drainage issue or general peace of mind, Tap Tech’s professional video pipe inspection is the solution.

    What Drain Defects Can Our Video Inspection Identify?

    Tap Tech’s advanced sewer and drain video inspections can accurately pinpoint a wide variety of potential deficiencies within your drainage system. We can identify cracked, broken, misaligned or fully collapsed sections of pipe along with damaged pipe joints. Our camera shows any concerning buildup of grease, soap residues, tree roots and other debris blocking proper flow. We also detect infiltration points allowing groundwater to seep into pipes. For root infiltrations, we can gauge the severity and precise location within drainage lines. If pipe connections have become displaced or offset, our video exposes that. We check for corrosion, holes, and deterioration issues that compromise pipe integrity over time. Tap Tech also checks that manholes, cleanouts and other drainage system access points are intact and fully functional. 

    Our video equipment can locate the exact position of any pipe sags holding standing water. For a comprehensive assessment of your drainage system, Tap Tech’s professional video pipe inspection provides vital information other methods cannot.

    Why Choose Tap Tech for Your Drain Video Inspections?

    When you need professional pipe condition assessments, have full confidence in Tap Tech’s experienced certified Plumbers. Our technicians are experts across residential and commercial plumbing systems. We utilize advanced camera technology providing crystal clear digital video recordings to accurately identify problem areas, eliminating the need for exploratory excavation.

    Same-Day or Next-Day Services Available!

    A First-Class Plumbing Experience

    With the ability to navigate even tight pipes, we pinpoint precise sections needing repair. Clear communication, upfront pricing with no surprises, and 24/7 emergency availability showcase our commitment to service excellence.

    Just like preventative medical screening, our drain video inspections proactively detect hidden threats within pipes early, allowing for lasting repairs before expensive replacements are needed. Don’t leave lurking drain troubles to chance – gain complete visibility into the condition of your buried pipes with Tap Tech’s sewer and drain video inspection services performed by certified technicians!

    Call or book online now to schedule pipe assessment services. Gain total insight into your buried drains.

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