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    In the past, plumbing leaks were easy to identify because they emitted a loud, high-pitched sound. But today’s modern homes and buildings often feature silent leaks that go unnoticed until you see signs of water damage. That’s why it’s important to know how and where common plumbing leaks happen. Here are some of the most common types of leaks, with some tips on how you can find and fix them:

    Leaks in Toilets

    To check for leaks in the toilet, flush it. If water appears to be pooling around its base, there may be a leak in one of two places: under the toilet tank /or around its base.

    To check for these types of leaks, lift your toilet seat (or lid) and look underneath. If you see water pooling in this area, there has most likely been a crack or breakage somewhere in your plumbing system that allows water to escape.

    You should also check around where your actual plumbing meets with the toilet’s base by reaching behind where it sits on top of floorboards; often times small cracks can form here, too, due to age-related wear & tear over time. This could lead to large amounts of water being wasted each day without anyone noticing until they go away on vacation.

    Leaks in Pipes

    • Leaks in pipes can waste a lot of water, and a leaky pipe can lead to a burst pipe. If this occurs, you’ll need to replace the entire line and possibly even find another location to place your toilet.
    • Leaks can also lead to mould and mildew growth if left untreated for too long, which can lead to bad smells and potential respiratory complications for you and your family.

    If you notice any leaks in your plumbing system at all, it’s important that you address them immediately so that they don’t cause major plumbing concerns later on down the road!

    Dripping Pipes

    Dripping pipes are a sign of a leak. A leaky faucet is the most common cause of dripping pipes. If you have a dripping faucet, this can be fixed by replacing the washer and/or valve in your sink or tub. You may also need to replace worn-out plumbing fixtures, such as shower heads and toilets.


    Leaks can be a serious problem for your home. Not only do they damage your property, but they also waste water and money, while leading to health complications if the problem festers. 

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