A leaking pipe is an indication of a plumbing problem, and you can try following these steps to fix this issue:

Turn Off Your Water Supply And Faucet

You cannot work with pipes that still have water in them, as this will affect the efficiency of your repairs. Always start by turning off the water supply and any faucets connected to the pipe. This step will temporarily stop the leak while preventing further water damage. Once you shut down your water supply, turn off the faucets by allowing water to run until the pipes are completely empty. Turn the faucet on to drain the water, and turn it off again once you are done. 

Dry The Pipes

A wet pipe can be slippery to handle during the repair process, and this is why you need to dry the pipes. Use a clean cloth to wipe the area surrounding the leak and do this until the pipes are completely dry. You can set a cloth or a bucket underneath the leaking pipe for stray drops.

Use Plumbing Putty On The Pipes

Plumbing putty is a compound that can help fix leaking pipes. Put on a pair of nitrile or latex gloves before handling the putty, and make sure the gloves are not too thick to let you work comfortably. Rip off a piece of the putty from its tube and knead it with your fingers. Once it turns gray, mould the plumbing epoxy putty around the leak and make sure you wrap it around the pipe completely. Taper the edges onto the pipe to make a watertight seal.

Replace The Leaking Parts Of The Pipes

If you need a permanent solution, you may have to substitute the damaged section of the pipe or replace the entire pipe altogether. You will have to buy new pipe fixtures and the right types of couplings to connect the pipes together in these situations. Make sure you have the right measurements for both items and make sure the coupling is made of the same material as the pipe.

Clamp Small Leaks

You might be able to use a pipe clamp to stop leaks if you are dealing with a smaller leak. This clamp features a rubber gasket that creates a tight seal to secure small leaks on pipes, and you can purchase this item from your local hardware store. Make sure it has the same length and size as the leaking pipe to guarantee a proper fit. 

Fixing a leaking pipe is not always easy, and success will depend on the type of leak and your level of expertise. Homeowners can sometimes apply temporary fixes, but it is highly recommended that you contact a professional plumber to handle this task. 


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