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    The warm weather of summer calls for relaxation, backyard gatherings, and time with friends and family. But you can only enjoy the season if your home’s plumbing system is prepared for the increased use and potential strains of summer. Take the time now to inspect, test, and maintain all aspects of your plumbing to avoid headaches later. This prepares your system for visitors and prevents costly repairs during the peak of summertime fun.

    Inspect Hoses, Valves, and Washing Machine

    Start by examining all outdoor and indoor hoses. Look for cracks, leaks, and loose connections. Tighten any loose fittings with pliers. Turn water on and off at each hose bib and sprayer to test for leaks. Also inspect laundry room hoses and valves. Run the washing machine through a short cycle while watching for drips or leaks. Catching leaks now prevents damage later.

    In addition, turn all water supply valves on and off. This ensures they operate properly and don’t get stuck open later. Check for drips or weepage that indicates a faulty valve. Replacing valves now is quicker than an emergency replacement when one fails.

    Service the Hot Water Heater

    Most homeowners do not think about their hot water heater in the summer months but this is actually the best time to drain and inspect the heater because there is no risk of freezing. If you find that your water heater is in need of a repair or a replacement, you will not have to deal with competition if you book an appointment in the summer because a plumber’s schedule will be more flexible when it is warm out. Once winter arrives, it will be a lot harder to book an appointment because this is the busiest season for hot water heaters. 

    Monitor Water Pressure

    Before leaving for vacation, check water pressure at several faucets. Install a pressure gauge if needed. Pressure can build up in stagnant systems while you’re away. Consider adding a pressure regulator to protect pipes and prevent leaks.

    Also, turn faucets on and off before your vacation. This ensures shut-off valves work properly. A plumber can then repair any issues before you leave rather than dealing with floods upon returning.

    Maintain Outdoor Faucets and Irrigation

    Examine all exterior hose bibs and faucets. Look for rust, drips, and difficulty opening or closing. Replace any deteriorated bibs now to maintain access to outdoor water. Also inspect irrigation system valves and backflow preventers. Consult a plumber for any necessary irrigation maintenance or repairs.

    Provide your guests with friendly reminders

    Visitors may flush items that don’t belong in the toilet and this can lead to plumbing emergencies. Don’t be shy and remind your guests not to flush cotton swabs or paper towels because these items belong in the trash. This reminder is especially important if your home is the popular place to hang out and this piece of information can help prevent clogs and stoppages. 

    Test the Sump Pump

    Heavy rainstorms can overwhelm sump pumps if not properly maintained. To prepare, test your pump by simulating a downpour. Clear any debris around the intake. Listen for proper operation without excessive run times. Consider upgrading your pump or adding battery backup if necessary. Investing in a quality pump prevents flooded basements and water damage.

    Maintain Garbage Disposal Use

    Summer produce can wreak havoc on disposals. Avoid jams by keeping fruit pits, corn husks, and other fibrous waste out of the disposal. Place a small garbage can near the sink to properly dispose of these items. Inform guests how to properly use the disposal. Preventive measures now save you from disassembly and repairs later. Proper use keeps food waste flowing properly.

    To Summarize

    Taking preventive maintenance steps now avoids plumbing emergencies later, allowing you to relax and enjoy the summer season without disruptive and costly plumbing repairs. A few hours inspecting and maintaining your plumbing system gives you peace of mind that your home’s pipes and fixtures are ready for summertime fun. Being proactive saves money and lets your summer be filled with joy rather than plumbing headaches. Prep your plumbing so you can make the most of sunny days with family and friends.

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