Valve Replacement & Installation

Valve Replacement & Installation

Faulty valves can disrupt water flow and pressure in your plumbing system. Tap Tech offers professional valve replacement and installation services, restoring your water control and convenience.

As your local plumbing specialists for over 25 years, we handle all aspects of residential and commercial valve repair, replacement, and installation. Our licensed, insured technicians use advanced methods to upgrade outdated valves and install new valves with minimal property disturbance.

At Tap Tech, we consider ourselves an integral part of the communities we serve. Our licensed Plumbers aim to be your trusted partner for all valve-related plumbing needs. We strive to consistently provide exceptional service while maximizing the performance and longevity of your plumbing system valves.

Why Valve Replacement & Installation Matters

It’s crucial to be proactive and replace outdated, damaged shut-off valves, pressure regulating valves, and diverter valves before they cause major plumbing headaches. Continued use of faulty valves leads to the inability to fully shut off water to make repairs, inadequate fixture water pressure, constantly leaking valves wasting water and money, and severe failures resulting in uncontrolled flooding. 

By strategically replacing worn valves and installing new valves, you gain better command of your water supply and flow. Valve improvements optimize your plumbing system’s performance and help organize intricate setups. Being proactive avoids the frustrations of emergency shut offs, weak water flow, costly leaks, and catastrophic flooding down the road. Tap Tech provides professional valve replacement and installation to maximize your plumbing system’s convenience and control.

The Wide Variety of Valves We Professionally Replace and Install

Our team has extensive experience with the full range of valves found throughout residential and commercial plumbing systems. We expertly replace and install all types of valves, including:

Main water supply shut-off valves that allow you to stop all the pressurized water entering your home or building’s plumbing system. Under-sink and appliance-specific shut-off valves that allow you to isolate the water supply to certain fixtures as needed. Pressure regulating valves that maintain steady optimal water pressure throughout the system preventing surges. Diverter valves that split central water supply lines into separate streams feeding different areas. 

We keep a broad stock of high-quality valve replacements from all the leading brands to perfectly match your specifications and needs.

Why Choose Tap Tech for Your Valve Needs?

From thoroughly inspecting failing valves to expertly installing new high-quality replacements, Tap Tech delivers reliable valve solutions for your plumbing system. Our licensed Plumbers are intimately familiar with all valve types, allowing them to make the optimal recommendations. We offer a broad inventory of valves from all the top brands to perfectly match your requirements. After any valve work, we validate optimal water pressure and flow at all your fixtures. Replacing valves now prevents costly emergency situations down the road. We back our installations with warranties to provide peace of mind.

A First-Class Plumbing Experience

Furthermore, our promise of pricing transparency ensures you’ll never encounter unexpected costs. We have an open conversation about all our charges and you stay fully informed. With Tap Tech, you pay only for the valve services provided. For any additional requirements we discover, we provide a detailed estimate upfront.

Don’t wait until faulty valves create plumbing headaches – be proactive and call Tap Tech at (613) 328-6600 for professional valve replacement and installation services!

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