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    Why You Should Choose Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning

    Why You Should Choose Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning

    The buildup of debris, gunk, grime and tree roots are just a few examples of the things that clog sewer lines, and most homeowners will likely experience this problem from time to time. It is a must that you remove these substances from the sewer lines, and this process will require energy and time. You need to follow the right steps to prevent damage and cannot rely on store-bought or chemical cleaners because these are ineffective and may damage your drainage. 

    If you are looking for a safe and effective way to clean the drain, hydro jetting is one of the most effective ways to clean the drain, and many professional plumbers use this method to clean big blockages because it works. It is a reliable method that will provide you with results, and you can count on hydro-jet drain cleaning services. 

    What Is Hydro-Jet Cleaning and How Does It Work?

    This method involves the use of a hose and pressurized water to break down the sewer line blockage. The pressurized water will add some force to the process, and it will also direct the resulting debris down the sewer line to the municipality sewer pipe. 

    The hydro-jet machine contains a nozzle that directs the hose to the pipe to break down the debris and wash it away, and this nozzle comes with several jets, including one that is facing forward and one that is rear-facing. The forward-facing jet creates a hole in the debris, while the rear-facing one propels the nozzle and washes away the debris. The nozzle is also available in different sizes, and the plumber will switch it out depending on the size of the clog. 

    You will get to enjoy several benefits when you select hydro jet cleaning services because this method is far superior to other methods of drain cleaning. Some of these benefits include:

    Environmentally Friendly

    Hydro-jet cleaning is environmentally friendly because only water is used to unclog the drain. You’ll never have to worry about chemicals damaging your pipes or ending up in the environment, and you can rest assured you are not causing harm in any way.

    Effective Drain Cleaning

    Some drain cleaning methods work while others don’t, and when you rely on hydro jet cleaning services, you will never have to play this guessing game because it is effective and is known to work every time. The force from the pressurized water will clear the clog right away, and this will clean your pipes at the same time, which means you will get to enjoy two benefits at the same time.

    Your drain will receive a much-needed deep clean, and this method will remove all of the hair and grime and any other buildup that would have otherwise taken years to clean. If you are looking for an effective way to unclog your drain, hydro-jet is the answer, and you’ll be happy to know this method can help solve many plumbing issues and not just clogged pipes.

    Long Lasting Solution

    In addition to being an effective method, hydro-jet is also long-lasting, and you will get to enjoy the results for a very long time. When hydro jet is used to clean your drain, it will remain clean for a much longer period compared to other methods, and you will enjoy a blockage-free plumbing system. 

    Problems That Can Be Solved with Hydro Jet Cleaning

    Hydro-jet drain cleaning services can be used for different types of clogs, including debris, gunk, grime, hair and more. Hiring hydro jet drain cleaning services once a year is ideal to prevent the buildup of substances from your drainage, and maintaining this schedule will help you keep your plumbing system clean.

    Clogged Pipes

    It is frustrating to deal with a drainage system that is completely clogged, and if you continue experiencing blockage that snaking cannot solve, hydro-jet cleaning may be the perfect solution for clogged pipes. 

    Noisy Plumbing

    If you hear hissing, gurgling or bubbling sounds coming from your plumbing system, it means there is something interfering with the water flow, and you should contact a professional plumber to discuss the use of hydro jetting. They will check the nature of the clog and will provide you with their professional opinion. 

    Slow Drains

    Slow drains can be just as frustrating as blocked pipes because it will take a lot of time for water to drain- this is a sign that a clog is developing, and you need to apply hydro jet cleaning before the issue becomes worse. 

    Bad Odours

    Food remains, mold and other substances cannot go through the drains when they are clogged, and this will result in bad odours. Hydro jet cleaning will break down these blockages, which will allow all substances to pass, and you will no longer have to deal with bad smells. 

    When Should You Get Your Drains Cleaned with a Hydro-Jet Machine?

    Other unclogging tools like a snake, for example, may remove minor clogs, but you will need something more effective for severe clogs and hiring a professional who has experience with a hydro jet machine is highly recommended. 

    If you are experiencing a drainage system that keeps blocking from time to time or your sewer lines are too dirty, it’s time to contact a professional plumber, and the same is true if your pipes are not draining fast enough or if you can hear hissing or gurgling noises from your plumbing. 


    Ready to enjoy all the benefits of hydro-jet cleaning? Tap Tech is ready to provide you with excellent service! Hydro jet drain cleaning is considered the most effective way of unclogging drains, and we will provide you with more information regarding this method. 

    If you find that your drains are clogging too often or think the buildup is so bad that your drains require a powerful method to clean, we can help! Our hydro jetting service will clear blockages and make your plumbing system work well again, and you can contact us at any time to learn more about hydro-jet cleaning and why it may be right for you!

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    Ways to Unclog Your Toilet Without a Plunger

    Ways to Unclog Your Toilet Without a Plunger

    Dealing with a clogged toilet can be frustrating, messy and unpleasant. This article will provide you with innovative solutions, revealing several ways to unclog your toilet using common household items or tools.

    If all else fails, professional help from an emergency plumber near you is always an option.

    Read on to equip yourself with these unconventional yet practical methods for unclogging your toilet, ensuring that you’re prepared in the most inconvenient of circumstances.

    Dish Soap

    Liquid dish soap can do more than simply remove grease from dinner plates or pots and pans; it also has the power to loosen clogged waste and force it down the drain. Liquid soap molecules possess both hydrophobic (which repels water) and hydrophilic properties—think of them as small lubricators.

    Pour one cup of hot dish soap into your toilet and allow it to sit for several minutes before flushing it away; hopefully, this should clear away any obstructions in the drainpipes. If that does not do the trick, add several cups of warm water from waist level (but not boiling!), to add extra pressure that might break apart any stuck particles and move them down your pipes more effectively.

    Air Blaster

    Clogged toilets can seem like the end of the world; waste and water back up into their drain, creating an unsafe and unpleasant situation that must be quickly remedied in order to remain safe for human usage.

    An air blaster is an effective tool that forces air into pipes to clear away clogs. You can purchase one that looks like a plastic plunger or a more sophisticated mechanical device with a trigger at your local hardware store, quickly to force air through it or pull the trigger. Make sure you wear goggles or a face shield then blast – repeat until your clog has cleared away!

    For the most stubborn obstructions, there is also the option of hiring a same-day emergency plumber for an effective solution: call Tap Tech today at 343-305-1172.

    Wire Hanger

    One of the most efficient tools available is a wire hanger when combined with hot water in a pan. Although a plumber’s snake may provide better results when breaking apart and pushing down on clogs, in an emergency, a wire hanger may do just as well.

    Start by unwinding a wire coat hanger until it is straight, covering one end with a cloth (duct tape is great!) so as not to scratch porcelain surfaces, and pushing this end through your toilet drain, prodding and twisting it to break up or dislodge any blockages that might exist.

    Once the makeshift clog snake is in place, pour a large quantity of hot water into the toilet bowl at waist level to create pressure and force through any clogs that may have formed in order to clear out drains of all obstructions. Repeat this process until all obstructions have been cleared away and drains have become free-flowing again.

    Please note: excessive use can cauce scratching on the porcelain and is not generally used by proffesionals for this reason.

    Vinegar and Baking soda

    If you have turned off the water to your toilet as part of a safety measure, try using Vinegar and baking soda as an inexpensive and non-invasive way to clear away stubborn clogs. Pour some into the bowl and watch as its fizzing reaction breaks down waste while degrading any solid debris in its path.

    If these solutions still don’t work, professional help might be needed; call in an emergency plumber from Tap Tech at 343-305-1172.

    5 DIY Methods for Clearing a Clogged Drain

    5 DIY Methods for Clearing a Clogged Drain

    Drain cleaning may be required if you detect pooling water, gurgling noises or a foul smell. These are all signs that your drainage is clogged, and you will have to clean it right away to avoid further problems. 

    You can purchase drain cleaners from a local hardware store, although these products are expensive and contain harsh chemicals which may not be great for your drainage pipes. Before you run out to the store, you can consider the following DIY methods which are effective as drain cleaners:

    1. Baking Soda and Vinegar Solution

    When baking soda is mixed with vinegar, it can serve as a very powerful cleaning solution which can break down fatty acid buildup in your clogged drain. This solution can break down grease, food and soap, and you will have to pour about two ounces of baking soda and vinegar mixture into your drain, after which you’ll have to cover it with a cloth while it fizzes. Flush this solution with boiling water after about 10 to 15 minutes and repeat until your drain is clear.

    2. Alka-Seltzer

    This effervescent antacid is usually used to relieve minor aches, inflammation and acid reflux, and in addition to being used for medical purposes, it can also serve as a drain cleaner. Slip three tablets into your drain and pour boiling water down your drain immediately for a few seconds. Wait for 15 minutes as the tablets fizz up, and flush it all down with regular tap water. This should leave you with a clean drain.

    3. Dry yeast and salt

    You can try using a dry yeast and salt solution to clean out grime and grease in your drain before it gets more clogged. Yeast will reproduce and expand when it’s mixed with salt and poured with hot water, and this will break up unwanted dirt and grime that has accumulated in your drain. Place two packets of dry yeast and a pinch of salt into your drain and flush it down with hot water. Do this again after an hour until it cleans your clogged drain.

    4. Coffee Grounds

    Pouring coffee grounds into your drain can help because of the coarse texture, which can help clean up the pipes while neutralizing the smell that emanates from the drainage. Simply pour coffee grounds into the drain, and the acids of the coffee will break up the grease. Flush it down with water, and your clogged drain may not be a problem any longer.

    5. Dishwasher Detergent

    Any gel dishwasher detergent can be used to break up the grease, oil and other dirt particles that have gathered in your drain. Pour a good amount of detergent into your drain and flush it down with boiling water. 


    Do you prefer leaving drain cleaning tasks to the professionals? The experts at Tap Tech offer a number of services, and our plumbers will make sure your drains are working properly in no time! Whether you don’t have the time for a DIY project or want to leave this job to professional plumbing techs, we’ve got you covered!

    Our plumbers have years of experience, and we are proud to serve our Kingston community. Contact us today to learn more about our drain and sewer cleaning services!

    The Essential Guide to Drain Cleaning: How to Identify and Solve Blocked Drains

    The Essential Guide to Drain Cleaning: How to Identify and Solve Blocked Drains

    Drain cleaning is an essential part of any home maintenance routine. Clogged drains can cause many problems, from foul odours to slow drainage and even more severe issues like flooding or sewage backup. Knowing how to identify the signs of clogs and the different methods for cleaning them is essential for maintaining healthy pipes and preventing costly repairs in the future. This article will discuss why drain cleaning is so important and provide an overview of DIY solutions and professional services to keep your drains clear and functioning correctly.

    Drain clogs can cause significant problems, including slow drainage, foul odours, and flooding or sewage backup. Drain cleaning removes any built-up debris and grime in drains so they can function correctly. To avoid costly repairs in the future, it is essential to keep drains cleaned regularly.

    Cleaning drains can be done using DIY methods such as boiling water or a plunger to dislodge blockages. Still, professional drain cleaning services are often needed for more severe problems. Professional plumbers use specialized equipment to remove difficult clogs deep in the drain line that cannot be reached with DIY solutions. Regularly scheduled drain cleaning by a professional plumber is the best way to ensure your pipes remain healthy and functioning correctly for years.

    Signs of a clogged drain

    Signs of a clogged drain

    Signs of blocked drains can include odd odours, slow drainage, frequent clogs, and water backups. Various things, including hair, grease, food particles, and soap scum, can cause drain clogs. Clogs can also be caused by tree roots invading the drain line or objects flushed through the drain too significant to pass through. Identifying the signs of a clog as soon as possible is vital to prevent it from getting worse or causing more severe damage.

    Odours are one of the most common signs of a clogged drain. Drain clogs can cause wastewater and other liquids to stagnate in your pipes, creating a foul smell. Other signs may include gurgling noises in your sink or toilet while draining, slow drainage due to an obstruction, and water backing up in the tubes when running water elsewhere in the house.

    If you identify any signs, taking action immediately before further damage is essential. DIY solutions such as boiling water or using a plunger may help dislodge minor blockages, but for more severe problems, professional drain cleaning services may be necessary. Professional plumbers like Tap Tech use specialized equipment such as augers or hydro-jetting machines to remove difficult clogs deep in the pipes that cannot be reached with DIY solutions.

    DIY Drain Cleaning Solutions 

    DIY Drain Cleaning Solutions 

    DIY Drain Cleaning Solutions can be a great way to remove minor clogs and keep your drain line functioning correctly. Boiling water is one of the most common DIY methods for removing clogs. Pouring boiling water down the drain can help to dislodge any blockages or build-up causing the clog. However, pouring boiling water down the drain in short bursts would be best, allowing it to sit for several minutes between each burst before running cold water to clear out any loosened debris.

    Using a plunger

    Using a plunger is another popular DIY solution for clearing out clogged drains. Plungers create a suction effect that helps break blockage apart and remove built-up grime. Using a plunger designed explicitly for sink drains is essential, as plungers designed for toilets may be less effective. To use a plunger, fill the sink with enough water to cover the top of the cup, then place it over the drain and push down firmly while rocking back and forth several times until you feel resistance from the blocked pipe.

    Vinegar and baking soda

    Vinegar and baking soda are effective natural solutions for breaking down clogs caused by grease or soap buildup in your drains. Vinegar helps break up any organic material causing obstructions, while baking soda helps neutralize odours and further break up debris. Mix equal parts vinegar and baking soda to use this method, then pour them into your drain. Allow it to sit for several minutes before running hot water down the drain to remove any dislodged material.

    Professional Drain Cleaning 

    Professional Drain Cleaning 

    Professional Drain Cleaning Services are a great way to safely and effectively remove clogs or blockages that DIY solutions cannot reach. Plumbers use specialized tools such as power auger machines to break apart challenging clogs deep within the drain. Augers are large, flexible rods with metal coils designed to dislodge tough clogs caused by tree roots and objects caught in the drain or sewer.

    Please always contact an experienced professional when dealing with clogged drains. DIY solutions may only sometimes successfully remove challenging clogs or diagnose more underlying severe problems such as broken piping or tree root invasions. Drain Cleaning professionals have access to specialized tools and treatments that allow them to quickly and safely remove clogs from your pipes without causing damage to your plumbing system or creating further problems.

    Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning Services:

    1. Safer and more effective removal of clogs compared to DIY solutions.
    2. Ability to identify potential problems before they become severe, saving money on costly repairs in the future.
    3. Use specialized tools such as augers and Kinetic Rams to break apart challenging clogs deep within the pipes.
    4. Inspection of the piping system after treatment is complete to ensure all blockages have been appropriately addressed without damaging the plumbing system or sewer line

    Professional Drain Cleaning Services

    Keeping your Drains Healthy 

    Keeping your Drains Healthy

    It is essential to take steps to maintain healthy drains and prevent future problems from occurring. Regularly inspecting your plumbing system and taking preventive measures can save you from costly repairs or replacements. Here are some tips on how to keep your pipes in good shape:

    Check for Warning Signs

    Look for any signs of a clog, such as slow drains, gurgling noises, water backing up, or a foul smell from your drains. These are all indications of an issue with your drain that should not be ignored.

    Perform Regular Drain Cleanings

    Drain cleaning services should be done at least once a year to remove blockages and buildup so your plumbing system functions properly. Professional Plumbers have the right tools and treatments to safely remove clogs while identifying potential problems before they become severe.

    Be Careful What You Put Down Drain

    Grease, food particles, oil, and other debris should not be put down the drain as these can build up over time and cause clogs that require professional Drain Cleaning Services to remove them entirely without causing damage to your plumbing system or sewer line.

    Careful What You Put Down Drain

    Know Your Plumbing System

    It is essential to familiarize yourself with where all of the drain lines are located in your home so that if you ever experience a problem like a burst pipe, you will know precisely where it is located and how best to address it quickly before extensive damage occurs.

    Following these tips can help ensure clogs never become an issue again and keep your plumbing system functioning properly throughout its lifetime!

    Drain cleaning is essential to maintaining a healthy plumbing system and preventing costly repairs or replacements in the future. Plumbers have access to specialized tools that are more effective at removing clogs than DIY solutions and chemical treatments for stubborn debris buildup. In addition, regularly inspecting your drains and being mindful of what goes down can help keep them clear from blockages and save you time and money on professional drain cleaning services. Ultimately, understanding how your home’s plumbing works will go a long way toward making sure any potential problems can be identified quickly before they become severe.

    Drain cleaning is essential to maintaining a healthy plumbing system and preventing costly repairs or replacements in the future. By following these tips, you can ensure that your drains remain clog-free and save yourself time and money on professional drain cleanings. Whether dealing with more minor blockages at home or more severe issues like tree root invasions, having access to specialized tools provided by plumbers will complete removal without damaging your drain or sewer line. Knowing where all the drains are in your house and being mindful of what goes down them will also help prevent any potential problems from becoming severe. Taking preventive measures now could mean significant savings for you later! For consultation or service, always remember that Tap Tech plumbing services are always available with experienced plumbers and equipment for the tough clogs!

    Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning Services

    Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning Services

    Having a clogged drain is a very frustrating experience for anyone. However, hiring a professional drain cleaning service can prevent future plumbing emergencies.

    You will save time by not worrying about calling a plumber late at night or on a holiday weekend. Clogged drains are also breeding grounds for mould and bacteria, and a professional drain cleaning service can ensure future prevention of these concerns.

    Remove Clogs Caused by Hair, Grease, and Soap Buildup

    If you experience slow-draining or foul-smelling water when you shower, your drain may be clogged. Using a specialized drain cleaner is one option that will help remove the hair that is stuck in the pipes. The chemicals in drain cleaners are highly toxic, so use them carefully.

    A combination of baking soda and water can effectively clean drains: One teaspoon of baking soda mixed with a gallon of water will clean a clogged drain; several teaspoons can be used in one day to deodorize the drain entirely. Using a mesh drain trap can also help for preventative maintenance for drain clogs.

    Humans shed around 50–100 hairs per day. Longer hair tends to get caught in drain pipes and becomes clogged easily. It is also common for children to drop toys down the drain. These small objects can get trapped in the U-bends of the pipes. Install drain guards to prevent hair from getting into the pipes.

    Hair, soap, and grease can also contribute to pipe blockage. Hair and soap residue is made up of fats and minerals that build up in the drain, resulting in a clogged drain. To avoid the buildup of soap, try using a soap-free laundry detergent and avoid using bar soap. Also, remember that soap scum attracts bacteria and creates a clogged drain.

    Remove Bacteria and Mould from Your Clogged Drains

    Bacteria and mould growing in clogged drains are common problems and pose a potential health risk. These organisms can lead to various health conditions, including bacterial infections like typhoid and campylobacteriosis. Some can also cause serious health issues, such as Legionnaires’ disease. Moreover, these organisms can cause peptic ulcers.

    Cleaning your drains is one of the easiest ways to remove bacteria from the drain. If you recently prepared raw food with Salmonella (i.e. chicken, pork, eggs, beef), you may also want to clean your drains of bacteria. These bacteria are often present in drains and can cause food poisoning, toxic shock, and even pneumonia. You can regularly clean your drains with a dilution of vinegar, baking soda, and hot water.

    Bacteria and mould growth in clogged drains can affect the surrounding structure and lead to serious health problems. Airborne mould spores can cause respiratory problems and can exacerbate allergies. In addition, strong odours from clogged drains can cause headaches, dizziness, and nausea. 

    Clogged drains can also affect the aesthetics of your home. They can cause foul odours and even weaken your home’s structural integrity. Bacteria and mould grow in these conditions, and the increased moisture can cause a musty odour. Cleaning the drain as soon as possible is crucial if you notice any signs of clogging.

    Hire a Professional Drain Cleaner: Keep Your Drains Running Smoothly

    Hiring a drain cleaning service can save you a lot of time. These professionals use professional-grade drain cleaning equipment to clear clogs and other obstructions.

    Professional drain cleaners will also use specialized drain cleaning solutions and tools you won’t find in your local home improvement store.

    Clogged drains can lead to costly water damage and health problems. Water and waste can pool and form a breeding ground for pathogens. Additionally, clogged drains can cause smells throughout your home—this is why it’s crucial to have your drains cleaned regularly.

    Hiring a professional drain cleaner is the best way to keep your drains running smoothly. It will prevent major problems from developing. Not only will regular cleaning keep your drains and pipes clean, but it will also prevent smaller issues from turning into bigger problems. Lastly, regular drain cleaning will reduce the risk of your pipes bursting or becoming corroded. These problems can cause serious water damage.

    Call Tap Tech today for professional drain cleaning services near you: call 343-305-1172for a professional plumber near you in Kingston.

    Kingston Plumber: Drain Maintenance Tips

    Kingston Plumber: Drain Maintenance Tips

    The condition of your drains can tell you a lot about the overall health of your plumbing system. All water used in your home passes through these drains. Over time, they can become clogged with mineral scales, soap residue, and hair. If you don’t clean them regularly, the clogging can worsen over time, leading to more severe problems.

    Slow-Moving Drains

    If you notice that your drains are slow to move, you may have a problem with your plumbing system. This is a common problem caused by clogs and residue in your drains. Even the tiniest obstruction can stop water flowing through your pipes and cause a sewage backup, which could result in extensive plumbing service bills. One way to solve the problem is by having a drain camera inspection.

    A clogged drain may appear in several locations in your home, and it could be indicative of a larger problem in your main drainage or sewer line. Fortunately, a professional plumber can quickly solve the problem. Plumbers use specialized camera inspection tools to find the source of the blockage. These tools can move through small spaces and around corners to pinpoint the problem. This process provides the plumber with high-resolution images of the blockage, which can help determine the best solution for your home.

    Odours from Drains

    A variety of different things can cause odours in residential drains. Hair, food, and debris can accumulate in drains and cause an unpleasant odour. These odours can also be dangerous because they attract flies and seep into the walls of your home.

    To get rid of odours in your drains, you should always clean them regularly. To do this, you should first locate the cause of the smell. One cause of the foul odour may be the main sewer line, which transports waste water from your home to the sewer system. If the pipe is damaged by tree roots, corrosion, or ground shifting, sewage can go back into the drains and pipes. This can cause severe damage to your foundation as well.

    Strange Sounds

    If you notice strange sounds from your drains, it may be time to call a plumber near you. These sounds are usually indicative of a clogged drain: The first sign is the gurgling sound, which results from air trapped in the drainage pipe. This symptom may also indicate a broken pipe. Another sign is bubbling or gurgling water in the toilet. To clear the drain, you must clean it and maintain its structural integrity. 

    Recurring Clogs

    Recurring clogs are one of the most obvious signs that your drains need cleaning. These clogs are caused by debris that accumulates in the drain line. Over time, these buildups can damage your home and plumbing. Clogged drains can lead to odours, water backup, and leaky pipes. When this happens, you must have your drain cleaned immediately. Slow drains are another common sign that your drain needs cleaning.

    Overflowing Toilets

    Overflowing toilets are a red flag that your residential drains must be cleaned. Backed-up toilets are not only unsightly, but they can also pose a health risk. When a toilet backs up, the water backs up the sewer line and eventually enters your home.

    In addition to being a nuisance, backed-up toilets can damage your floors and subfloor. Therefore, it’s best to have these problems fixed immediately. First, you should shut off the water. If a smell comes from the toilet, keep children and pets away. You can also consider hiring a plumber near you in Kingston to resolve the issue with long-lasting repairs. A plumber can prevent overflowing toilets and prevent floods, with the preventative measures in place to ensure your drains and plumbing run smoothly year-round. 

    Call 343-305-1172 for a qualified plumber near you in Kingston with 25+ years of experience.