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    Dealing with a clogged toilet can be frustrating, messy and unpleasant. This article will provide you with innovative solutions, revealing several ways to unclog your toilet using common household items or tools.

    If all else fails, professional help from an emergency plumber near you is always an option.

    Read on to equip yourself with these unconventional yet practical methods for unclogging your toilet, ensuring that you’re prepared in the most inconvenient of circumstances.

    Dish Soap

    Liquid dish soap can do more than simply remove grease from dinner plates or pots and pans; it also has the power to loosen clogged waste and force it down the drain. Liquid soap molecules possess both hydrophobic (which repels water) and hydrophilic properties—think of them as small lubricators.

    Pour one cup of hot dish soap into your toilet and allow it to sit for several minutes before flushing it away; hopefully, this should clear away any obstructions in the drainpipes. If that does not do the trick, add several cups of warm water from waist level (but not boiling!), to add extra pressure that might break apart any stuck particles and move them down your pipes more effectively.

    Air Blaster

    Clogged toilets can seem like the end of the world; waste and water back up into their drain, creating an unsafe and unpleasant situation that must be quickly remedied in order to remain safe for human usage.

    An air blaster is an effective tool that forces air into pipes to clear away clogs. You can purchase one that looks like a plastic plunger or a more sophisticated mechanical device with a trigger at your local hardware store, quickly to force air through it or pull the trigger. Make sure you wear goggles or a face shield then blast – repeat until your clog has cleared away!

    For the most stubborn obstructions, there is also the option of hiring a same-day emergency plumber for an effective solution: call Tap Tech today at 343-305-1172.

    Wire Hanger

    One of the most efficient tools available is a wire hanger when combined with hot water in a pan. Although a plumber’s snake may provide better results when breaking apart and pushing down on clogs, in an emergency, a wire hanger may do just as well.

    Start by unwinding a wire coat hanger until it is straight, covering one end with a cloth (duct tape is great!) so as not to scratch porcelain surfaces, and pushing this end through your toilet drain, prodding and twisting it to break up or dislodge any blockages that might exist.

    Once the makeshift clog snake is in place, pour a large quantity of hot water into the toilet bowl at waist level to create pressure and force through any clogs that may have formed in order to clear out drains of all obstructions. Repeat this process until all obstructions have been cleared away and drains have become free-flowing again.

    Please note: excessive use can cauce scratching on the porcelain and is not generally used by proffesionals for this reason.

    Vinegar and Baking soda

    If you have turned off the water to your toilet as part of a safety measure, try using Vinegar and baking soda as an inexpensive and non-invasive way to clear away stubborn clogs. Pour some into the bowl and watch as its fizzing reaction breaks down waste while degrading any solid debris in its path.

    If these solutions still don’t work, professional help might be needed; call in an emergency plumber from Tap Tech at 343-305-1172.