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    Benefits of Hiring a Local Kingston Plumber

    Benefits of Hiring a Local Kingston Plumber

    Plumbing jobs cannot be completed by just anyone, and hiring a plumbing tech is highly recommended. Their skill and experience will allow them to solve the problem quickly and successfully, and they are equipped to handle plumbing jobs that can be very dangerous. 

    There are a number of reasons why hiring a professional plumbing tech is the better way to go, and the following are just some of the benefits you will enjoy when you hire a plumbing tech in Kingston:

    Accurate Diagnostics

    Experienced plumbers know exactly what to look for and will provide you with detailed diagnostics. In addition to their experience, they also have the right equipment for this step and may use infrared thermometer guns, gas leak detectors and cameras that can see down into the pipes. A professional plumbing tech will determine the issue fast and may run manual tests to assess how well the plumbing of your home is working together. Detailed diagnostics will allow for a quick and permanent fix.

    Customer Support

    Professional plumbers will take the time to explain the issue and which strategy would be best for your home. They will keep you in the loop and will answer any questions you have along the way. A professional plumbing tech in Kingston will prioritize customer service and satisfaction and will provide you with support at all times. 

    Permanent Solutions

    Reputable plumbing techs will provide you with repairs that last. You won’t have to settle for a quick fix and will not have to worry about the issue coming up over and over again. Permanent plumbing solutions will help save you time and money, and you won’t have to deal with leaks that keep coming back. 


    All professional plumbers will prioritize safety, and this aspect is a must as some plumbing jobs involve objects that emit large volumes of electricity and can cause serious injury to the person if they are inexperienced. There are many plumbing jobs that are risky, and only experienced plumbers should complete these jobs. 

    Latest Equipment

    Professional plumbers have access to state-of-the-art equipment and will complete plumbing jobs effectively in just a few hours. Without the latest equipment, you may struggle for days, whereas professional plumbing techs will know what piece of equipment they must use and will make sure the rest of your home is not accidentally affected by repairs.


    Want to make sure your plumbing issue is permanently fixed? Hiring a professional plumber is a wise choice, and you can contact Tap Tech for all of your plumbing needs! We will make sure your plumbing issue is resolved quickly and safely and will eliminate any headaches you may be facing in your home. 

    A plumbing tech will take care of the problem, and we are proud to serve our community here in Kingston. Contact us today to learn more about our plumbers and services and how we can help!

    How to Hire a Reliable Plumber in Kingston, Ontario

    How to Hire a Reliable Plumber in Kingston, Ontario

    Plumbing issues need to be handled by professional plumbers because skill and experience are required, as are the right tools. Hiring the right plumber will help save you time and money, and the following tips will help you hire a reliable plumber in Kingston:

    Consider their qualifications

    Plumbers learn the trade via apprenticeships and trade schools, and only once they complete the proper courses and training will they receive their license. It is a must that your hire a plumber who is licensed because this will ensure they follow proper rules and regulations, which will protect your home against any damage that may otherwise occur during their plumbing repair.

    In addition to a license, the plumber you hire should also have insurance to protect the homeowner from liability in the event of property damage or injury during the job. Ask to view proof of insurance and ask for a copy of their licence.

    Look at the services they offer

    Not all plumbers are the same, and some may specialize in one area. Make sure they can fix the plumbing issue you are dealing with, and take a look at the services they offer. Most reputable plumbing techs will offer the following services:

    • drain cleaning
    • pipe repair and replacement
    • sewer/water line replacement
    • water heater repair services

    They should be able to install and maintain different types of piping systems and must be able to use the necessary plumbing tools. They need to know which materials are required for each job and should be able to provide you with a detailed diagnosis.

    Ask Questions

    A professional plumbing tech will take the time to provide you with answers and will address your concerns. They will make sure you understand the issue and will discuss the diagnosis and the solution that would be best. Ask as many questions as you need to, and don’t forget to ask the following:

    • Are you experienced with this kind of job?
    • Do you charge an hourly or flat rate?
    • Are you licensed and insured?
    • Can you provide me with a written estimate?

    You should feel satisfied with the answers they provide, and if you feel as though they are brushing you off, look for a different plumber in your area.

    Read Reviews and Ask for References. 

    If you are looking for a plumbing tech in Kingston, ask your family and friends for references. This kind of information is very valuable because you can trust information that comes from people you actually know. Ask them about their experience and whether they were happy with the services they received. 

    You can also read reviews as satisfied customers will take the time to write about their experience, as will customers who had a terrible experience.


    Looking for a reliable plumbing tech in Kingston, Ontario? You can count on our plumbers here at Tap Tech! We will provide you with an accurate diagnosis along with the right plumbing solution and will provide you with a permanent fix. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

    Common Signs Your Residential Sewer Needs Cleaning

    Common Signs Your Residential Sewer Needs Cleaning

    If you have noticed your drains are slow, you may need to have your sewer cleaned. Tree roots can clog your sewer system, and you might also notice air bubbles from your toilet. This article will outline some of the common signs, why they happen, and what your next steps should be.

    Slow Drains

    This might be the first sign that your sewer needs cleaning if you have a slow-draining sink or multiple fixtures. It’s best to call a plumber, as a DIY project will not likely clear the clog completely. Even a drain snake may not be enough to remove the clog—with more than 25 years of experience, Tap Tech’s plumber can use tried-and-true methods to clear your drains.

    Slow drains are the first sign of a clog. They may be caused by hair, soap, grease, or foreign objects. These build up over time and cannot be fixed easily. You may also notice an odour coming from the drain—this could be a sign of a sewer gas leak.

    Air Bubbles from the Toilet

    When you flush the toilet, you may notice air bubbles coming out of the toilet bowl. This is normal when the toilet is first flushed and can signify that the drain lines have not been used in a while. However, when this issue persists for more than one flush, you may need to have your residential sewer system cleaned. If you notice any of these signs, call a plumber to come and solve the problem.

    If you notice air bubbles coming from your toilet, you probably have a clogged toilet. However, gurgling noises in your sewer may be caused by excess toilet paper. Too much toilet paper can partially clog a toilet and prevent proper airflow down the pipe. Another potential cause of a sewer clog is an animal that has entered the vent pipe. You should have it cleaned if you notice animal debris in the vent pipe.

    Tree Roots

    When a tree root grows into a sewer pipe, it will often break into the pipe and create a clog. This will lead to an unpleasant smell and slow-draining water in your home. When this happens, you should contact a plumber to have the pipes cleaned out

    These roots may have entered your sewer line through a joint. They grow thicker over time because of the nutrients they have found in your plumbing system. As they grow, they will catch on to bigger pieces of waste and cause a clog. If you’ve noticed a slow drain or strange odours coming from your drain, it’s a sign that you need to have your pipes cleaned. A plumber can use specialized tools and years of experience to find and prevent these clogs from worsening. 

    Clogged Main Line

    The most common cause of a clogged mainline is tree roots. These invasive plants can grow into small cracks in large pipes and develop a network of roots, blocking the entire pipe. Tree roots also get caught in toilet paper and other bulk products. Eventually, these clogs can block your entire sewer system and cause serious backflow problems.

    If you have ever experienced a slow-draining sink or bathtub, it may be a sign that your sewer line is clogged. You can often remove clogs using conventional methods available at home improvement stores. However, if the clog is in your main line, you may need professional help. A clogged mainline can lead to extensive repairs.

    Call Tap Tech today at 343-305-11729 if you are experiencing concerns with your residential sewer near Kingston.

    Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning Services

    Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning Services

    Having a clogged drain is a very frustrating experience for anyone. However, hiring a professional drain cleaning service can prevent future plumbing emergencies.

    You will save time by not worrying about calling a plumber late at night or on a holiday weekend. Clogged drains are also breeding grounds for mould and bacteria, and a professional drain cleaning service can ensure future prevention of these concerns.

    Remove Clogs Caused by Hair, Grease, and Soap Buildup

    If you experience slow-draining or foul-smelling water when you shower, your drain may be clogged. Using a specialized drain cleaner is one option that will help remove the hair that is stuck in the pipes. The chemicals in drain cleaners are highly toxic, so use them carefully.

    A combination of baking soda and water can effectively clean drains: One teaspoon of baking soda mixed with a gallon of water will clean a clogged drain; several teaspoons can be used in one day to deodorize the drain entirely. Using a mesh drain trap can also help for preventative maintenance for drain clogs.

    Humans shed around 50–100 hairs per day. Longer hair tends to get caught in drain pipes and becomes clogged easily. It is also common for children to drop toys down the drain. These small objects can get trapped in the U-bends of the pipes. Install drain guards to prevent hair from getting into the pipes.

    Hair, soap, and grease can also contribute to pipe blockage. Hair and soap residue is made up of fats and minerals that build up in the drain, resulting in a clogged drain. To avoid the buildup of soap, try using a soap-free laundry detergent and avoid using bar soap. Also, remember that soap scum attracts bacteria and creates a clogged drain.

    Remove Bacteria and Mould from Your Clogged Drains

    Bacteria and mould growing in clogged drains are common problems and pose a potential health risk. These organisms can lead to various health conditions, including bacterial infections like typhoid and campylobacteriosis. Some can also cause serious health issues, such as Legionnaires’ disease. Moreover, these organisms can cause peptic ulcers.

    Cleaning your drains is one of the easiest ways to remove bacteria from the drain. If you recently prepared raw food with Salmonella (i.e. chicken, pork, eggs, beef), you may also want to clean your drains of bacteria. These bacteria are often present in drains and can cause food poisoning, toxic shock, and even pneumonia. You can regularly clean your drains with a dilution of vinegar, baking soda, and hot water.

    Bacteria and mould growth in clogged drains can affect the surrounding structure and lead to serious health problems. Airborne mould spores can cause respiratory problems and can exacerbate allergies. In addition, strong odours from clogged drains can cause headaches, dizziness, and nausea. 

    Clogged drains can also affect the aesthetics of your home. They can cause foul odours and even weaken your home’s structural integrity. Bacteria and mould grow in these conditions, and the increased moisture can cause a musty odour. Cleaning the drain as soon as possible is crucial if you notice any signs of clogging.

    Hire a Professional Drain Cleaner: Keep Your Drains Running Smoothly

    Hiring a drain cleaning service can save you a lot of time. These professionals use professional-grade drain cleaning equipment to clear clogs and other obstructions.

    Professional drain cleaners will also use specialized drain cleaning solutions and tools you won’t find in your local home improvement store.

    Clogged drains can lead to costly water damage and health problems. Water and waste can pool and form a breeding ground for pathogens. Additionally, clogged drains can cause smells throughout your home—this is why it’s crucial to have your drains cleaned regularly.

    Hiring a professional drain cleaner is the best way to keep your drains running smoothly. It will prevent major problems from developing. Not only will regular cleaning keep your drains and pipes clean, but it will also prevent smaller issues from turning into bigger problems. Lastly, regular drain cleaning will reduce the risk of your pipes bursting or becoming corroded. These problems can cause serious water damage.

    Call Tap Tech today for professional drain cleaning services near you: call 343-305-1172for a professional plumber near you in Kingston.

    Leaking Pipes, Fixtures and Hoses: When to Call a Professional Plumber

    Leaking Pipes, Fixtures and Hoses: When to Call a Professional Plumber

    It is important to know the difference between a leak caused by a broken or damaged pipe and one caused by a fixture like a faucet or a toilet. You may be able to fix the problem yourself, but if the problem is too serious, hiring a professional plumber can save you money on repairs and prevent further damage to your home.

    When water leaks into your home unexpectedly, it’s easy to panic. But if you take a few minutes to think about how best to respond before calling someone for help (or rushing out for supplies), you will be much more prepared for what comes next. In this article, we’ll discuss common causes of leaks in homes and how you can identify them correctly so that you can get started on finding solutions right away:

    When you see water coming into your home, take a minute to ensure you have responded correctly to the leak.

    If there is a leak in the ceiling, turn off the water supply to that area immediately and call a plumber. If you are not sure how to turn off the water supply, contact a plumber or follow these instructions:

    • Turn off all of your home’s faucets (including showers and toilets) at their base valves-these are usually located beneath sinks or near tubs.
    • Shut off any main shutoff valves outside your house if there are visible leaks on exterior pipes (for example, lawn sprinkler system). Turning off power sources like electrical, or sump pumps may also be necessary.

    Find the Source of the Leak

    First, you’ll want to find the cause of the leak, which is likely a water pipe or fixture. A homeowner can fix leaks in pipes, but leaks in fixtures (such as faucets) mean it’s time to call a professional plumber. Additionally, if your sewage line or plumbing system is damaged structurally, a professional plumber near you in Kingston will help rectify the issue and ensure your water is operating properly.

    Plumber in Kingston & the Surrounding Area

    If you’re in the unfortunate position of having a leaky pipe or fixture, it’s important to know that there are some long-term issues that can arise if you look to quickly fix this problem yourself. You can trust the 25+ years of experience with a trusted Plumber in Kingston at Tap Tech.

    Call today at 343-305-1172 for your drain cleaning, leaking pipes and fixtures, and plumbing concerns.

    Kingston Plumber: Drain Maintenance Tips

    Kingston Plumber: Drain Maintenance Tips

    The condition of your drains can tell you a lot about the overall health of your plumbing system. All water used in your home passes through these drains. Over time, they can become clogged with mineral scales, soap residue, and hair. If you don’t clean them regularly, the clogging can worsen over time, leading to more severe problems.

    Slow-Moving Drains

    If you notice that your drains are slow to move, you may have a problem with your plumbing system. This is a common problem caused by clogs and residue in your drains. Even the tiniest obstruction can stop water flowing through your pipes and cause a sewage backup, which could result in extensive plumbing service bills. One way to solve the problem is by having a drain camera inspection.

    A clogged drain may appear in several locations in your home, and it could be indicative of a larger problem in your main drainage or sewer line. Fortunately, a professional plumber can quickly solve the problem. Plumbers use specialized camera inspection tools to find the source of the blockage. These tools can move through small spaces and around corners to pinpoint the problem. This process provides the plumber with high-resolution images of the blockage, which can help determine the best solution for your home.

    Odours from Drains

    A variety of different things can cause odours in residential drains. Hair, food, and debris can accumulate in drains and cause an unpleasant odour. These odours can also be dangerous because they attract flies and seep into the walls of your home.

    To get rid of odours in your drains, you should always clean them regularly. To do this, you should first locate the cause of the smell. One cause of the foul odour may be the main sewer line, which transports waste water from your home to the sewer system. If the pipe is damaged by tree roots, corrosion, or ground shifting, sewage can go back into the drains and pipes. This can cause severe damage to your foundation as well.

    Strange Sounds

    If you notice strange sounds from your drains, it may be time to call a plumber near you. These sounds are usually indicative of a clogged drain: The first sign is the gurgling sound, which results from air trapped in the drainage pipe. This symptom may also indicate a broken pipe. Another sign is bubbling or gurgling water in the toilet. To clear the drain, you must clean it and maintain its structural integrity. 

    Recurring Clogs

    Recurring clogs are one of the most obvious signs that your drains need cleaning. These clogs are caused by debris that accumulates in the drain line. Over time, these buildups can damage your home and plumbing. Clogged drains can lead to odours, water backup, and leaky pipes. When this happens, you must have your drain cleaned immediately. Slow drains are another common sign that your drain needs cleaning.

    Overflowing Toilets

    Overflowing toilets are a red flag that your residential drains must be cleaned. Backed-up toilets are not only unsightly, but they can also pose a health risk. When a toilet backs up, the water backs up the sewer line and eventually enters your home.

    In addition to being a nuisance, backed-up toilets can damage your floors and subfloor. Therefore, it’s best to have these problems fixed immediately. First, you should shut off the water. If a smell comes from the toilet, keep children and pets away. You can also consider hiring a plumber near you in Kingston to resolve the issue with long-lasting repairs. A plumber can prevent overflowing toilets and prevent floods, with the preventative measures in place to ensure your drains and plumbing run smoothly year-round. 

    Call 343-305-1172 for a qualified plumber near you in Kingston with 25+ years of experience.