Should I Hire a Professional for Residential Drain Cleaning Services?

Should I Hire a Professional for Residential Drain Cleaning Services?

You can save money by using a professional residential drain cleaning service. In addition to being cost-effective, this service will save you time. By letting a professional handle the drain cleaning, you can ensure the work is done correctly.

This is important because if you decide to do the work yourself, you might not be aware that your drain is not in good condition. In addition, you might not know whether your work will last for long. If you hire a professional, you will know the work will be permanent.


Hiring a drain cleaning service is an affordable and convenient way to maintain your plumbing system. A professional team providing drain cleaning services can clean your entire home, and pricing varies depending on your home’s size and the clogging’s extented.

The first thing to consider is the location of the clog. While cleaning out clogs in the kitchen or bathroom is easy, a clog in the main drain may mean that contacting a drain cleaning service is advisable as soon as you notice a problem. We charge a flat rate for our service, with a warranty on all plumbing repairs near you in Kingston.

Signs You Need a Professional Drain Cleaner

If you’re worried that your drain may be clogged, you should consider getting it cleaned by a professional. Usually, you can tell that your drain is clogged if it has a slow flow or stops working altogether. In many cases, food debris or other “non-flushable” substances are the culprits. If you notice these symptoms, you should call a plumber right away. You may also notice a smell. This is a symptom of a clogged sewer line. Sewage can enter your house and produce dangerous toxins. 

Reduction in Risk of Sewage Entering Your Home

A clogged drain is a serious health concern and can risk sewage entering your home. Sewage contains many harmful microorganisms that can cause illnesses. Sewage can enter your home through damaged plumbing, a clogged septic tank, or main sewer. In any case, protecting yourself and your family should be a priority. First, you should avoid contact with the sewage and disinfect any surfaces that come into contact with it. You should also wear protective clothing and only use water from a clean source. 

Time Saved

Hiring a professional residential drain cleaning service is one of the best ways to ensure your home’s plumbing system works properly. These services clean your drains and pipes and advise on preventing future problems. Hiring a professional will avoid expensive repair bills and prevent more damage. A well-maintained drain system is one of the most important aspects of a home. A clean drainage system also increases a property’s market value. Prospective buyers tend to look for a clean house free from plumbing issues—a clogged drain can make potential buyers think there are serious plumbing concerns, ultimately lowering the property’s value. 

Odour Control

Cleaning your home’s drains with a professional at Tap Tech can help control odours in several ways. It will improve drainage, preventing issues such as overflowing sinks and low water pressure in the shower. Moreover, if you’re concerned about health hazards, professional drain cleaning can reduce the chance of these issues. Professional drain cleaning services use high-grade equipment to clean your drains.

Using store-bought drain cleaning supplies can lead to Fixture damage and damage your plumbing drain system. Professional drain cleaners also use proven products that are safe for your pipes. They are familiar with all the best materials and methods to use.

With 25+ years of experience providing quality residential drain cleaning services near you in Kingston, contact Tap Tech: Call 613-328-6600 .

Call a Tap Tech Emergency Plumber

Call a Tap Tech Emergency Plumber

If you’re having problems with your plumbing, call a professional to repair the issue. There are many problems that can arise with plumbing, such as a burst or frozen pipe. Tap Tech plumbing experts can help you fix any of these problems quickly and affordably. Listed below are some of the most common plumbing issues, as well as some helpful tips for you to avoid them.

Frozen Pipe Problems

When it comes to frozen pipe problems, prevention is the best medicine. Read on to learn more about how to prevent frozen pipes. Leaving your taps running to a trickle when there is extreme weather and a history of pipe freezing will help reduce the chances of lines freezing. Exposed pipes under sinks on outside walls are more vulnerable to freezing. If you notice that water has stopped coming out of the faucet, it is most likely a frozen pipe. The first thing to do if you suspect frozen pipes is to turn off the main water supply.  The main shutoff is usually in the basement or crawls space near the front of the house at your meter or in rural areas next to your Well System pressure tank. Identifying the frozen pipe will make the situation less difficult for an emergency plumber in Kingston. Once you have the location of the frozen pipe, the Plumber will help you locate the frozen pipe.

Burst Pipes

Whether your pipes have frozen, clogged, or burst, you need an emergency plumber in Kingston as soon as possible. When the temperature drops below -6 degrees Celsius, pipes can freeze in just four to five hours. The time to repair a burst pipe depends on the size and damage, the material used to make it, and how old it is. In most cases, a plumbing technician can arrive within hours and resolve the issue. If you suspect a pipe is frozen, it may develop a significant split or joint separation that can damage floors, walls, and ceilings. If a water pipe breaks, the damage can be significant. 

Drainage Problems

Whether you’re having difficulty with a drain in your kitchen or bathroom, calling a plumbing emergency service is the best option for a quick and effective solution. A plumbing emergency can occur at any time, and a licensed emergency plumber in Kingston is always just a phone call away.  Professional plumbers have the proper tools to repair and maintain drains. They are skilled and knowledgeable about plumbing issues, and they can also determine whether your drainage system is malfunctioning. Furthermore, certified plumbers undergo yearly training programs that help them stay abreast of industry trends and best practices. Regardless of your situation, a plumber can save you both time and money. A plumbing emergency can be stressful, so don’t try to handle the problem alone. Call our expert plumber in Kingston for a consultation! You can have confidence in our expert plumbing and pipe repair services. Tap Tech plumbing services provide the highest quality Emergency services in Kingston. Their plumbers are highly trained, and their pricing is transparent. Call today at 613-328-6600 for a free online estimate! You’ll be glad you did.

5 Signs of a Leaking Pipe in Your Home

5 Signs of a Leaking Pipe in Your Home

A leaking pipe is a serious problem because it will cause damage to your home, and you will also waste a lot of money. To prevent this from happening, you need to know the warning signs, and the following guide will help you detect a leaky pipe in your home:

1. Unusually high water bills

If your water bills start skyrocketing unexpectedly, it may be a sign of a leaking pipe so keep an eye on this aspect because it can start small, and your bill may increase a little bit each month. Or, you may receive a larger than expected bill one month, and regardless of the situation, you need to get your pipe fixed; otherwise, you will end up draining your bank account, and your home will become damaged.

2. Musty smells

In some cases, you will be able to smell the problem before you see it and mould and mildew can be inside your walls, vents or even under your floor. Musty-smelling rooms are a sign of a problem, and the cause is likely a leaky pipe because when water sits in one place, it will stagnate and produce a terrible odour.

3. Mould and mildew

If you start to see mould and mildew outside your tub area, you may have a leaky pipe, so you need to look into this problem. Moulding walls and baseboards are not normal, nor are moulding ceilings or floors in your bathroom or kitchen, which is a sure sign of a leaking pipe.

4. Stained walls, ceilings and floors

Stains on these surfaces will indicate that something is going on behind the surface, and this is true even if the stains are small or barely noticeable. Any spots or the outline of a watermark must be addressed, regardless of how subtle they may be, because if your leaking pipe is not fixed, you can suffer significant damage. A sagging ceiling, bendable walls and sinking floorboards are just a few examples of problems you may experience, all of which you need to avoid.

5. Wet spots

This can result from a leaking pipe in your home or outside, so you need to investigate the problem. If you notice puddles around the outer walls when there has been no rain or see wet spots inside your house, you have a problem, and your leaking pipe will have to be fixed. Where there is water, mildew and mould will follow, and structural damage can also occur, so you need to address this problem right away. 

Contacting a reputable plumber is a must when dealing with a leaking pipe, and the experts at TAP Tech can help! Whether you need an emergency plumber, drain, or sewer cleaning, we do it all, and you can place your trust in our team. Our plumbing techs are knowledgeable, experienced and reliable so if you are in Kingston, Ontario, contact us today!


Take These Steps to Prepare Your Home’s Plumbing for spring

Take These Steps to Prepare Your Home’s Plumbing for spring

Spring cleaning must be done every year, and one area of your home that needs attention is plumbing. This is especially important after a long winter season, and preparing your home’s plumbing will ensure you do not experience any unpleasant surprises, so make sure you do the following:

Inspect faucets and connections for leaks or water pressure issues

Take a look at the faucets in your kitchen and bathrooms to ensure they are not leaking. This will also allow you to check the water pressure because it should not be low. Pipes can freeze if temperatures drop too low during the winter, so contact a plumber right away if you see any problems.

Check your toilets for leaks

Give your bathrooms a once-over to make sure they are operating correctly. The tanks should hold water, and your toilet must be able to flush right away, and there should also be enough water flow when you are flushing. If there is a problem with these areas, you have to call a plumber for help.

Look at your water heater

This appliance is essential, so you have to inspect it for any signs of leaks. If you notice a problem, you may need repairs or a replacement, and a professional plumber will provide you with their recommendation. They will be able to check on how your water heater is performing, but they can also flush your unit, which should be done annually as it will work out all the dirt and grime that can gather at the base. If this step is ignored, you may experience grime buildup, leading to corrosion and harm to your unit’s overall performance.

Inspect the sump pump

Grab a few buckets of water and pour them into the pit where your sump pump is. If your sump pump is working correctly, it will turn on quickly, clear out the water and then turn off right away, but if the sump pump does not turn on, you will have to get it looked at by a professional so that your basement does not flood in the spring. This is also true if your sump pump cannot discharge the water efficiently or won’t turn off correctly.

Look at outdoor hose faucets

It’s important to disconnect any garden hoses outside before winter arrives, and skipping this step can lead to frozen or damaged pipes, which may lead to a watery mess inside your house. Even if you remember this step, you should still check the faucets to ensure they are not leaking, and the water should flow through them without any trouble. 

If you are looking for a professional plumber in Kingston, Ontario, TAP Tech can help! Whether you need an emergency plumber, drain cleaning or sewer cleaning, we can help because we are experts in this field and have years of experience. Our reputation sets us apart, and you will not have to deal with leaking pipes when you hire our services, so if you are looking for a plumbing tech you can trust, contact us today!