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    Spring cleaning must be done every year, and one area of your home that needs attention is plumbing. This is especially important after a long winter season, and preparing your home’s plumbing will ensure you do not experience any unpleasant surprises, so make sure you do the following:

    Inspect faucets and connections for leaks or water pressure issues

    Take a look at the faucets in your kitchen and bathrooms to ensure they are not leaking. This will also allow you to check the water pressure because it should not be low. Pipes can freeze if temperatures drop too low during the winter, so contact a plumber right away if you see any problems.

    Check your toilets for leaks

    Give your bathrooms a once-over to make sure they are operating correctly. The tanks should hold water, and your toilet must be able to flush right away, and there should also be enough water flow when you are flushing. If there is a problem with these areas, you have to call a plumber for help.

    Look at your water heater

    This appliance is essential, so you have to inspect it for any signs of leaks. If you notice a problem, you may need repairs or a replacement, and a professional plumber will provide you with their recommendation. They will be able to check on how your water heater is performing, but they can also flush your unit, which should be done annually as it will work out all the dirt and grime that can gather at the base. If this step is ignored, you may experience grime buildup, leading to corrosion and harm to your unit’s overall performance.

    Inspect the sump pump

    Grab a few buckets of water and pour them into the pit where your sump pump is. If your sump pump is working correctly, it will turn on quickly, clear out the water and then turn off right away, but if the sump pump does not turn on, you will have to get it looked at by a professional so that your basement does not flood in the spring. This is also true if your sump pump cannot discharge the water efficiently or won’t turn off correctly.

    Look at outdoor hose faucets

    It’s important to disconnect any garden hoses outside before winter arrives, and skipping this step can lead to frozen or damaged pipes, which may lead to a watery mess inside your house. Even if you remember this step, you should still check the faucets to ensure they are not leaking, and the water should flow through them without any trouble. 

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