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    If you discover a leak in your pipes, it is imperative that you act quickly to mitigate further damage to your home and minimize further costs. There are various quick fixes you can employ while waiting for professional emergency plumbers near you to come and address the situation.

    Turn Off the Water

    As soon as a pipe starts leaking, the first step should be to turn off its source. This may involve simply switching off its valve; however, for optimal results, it’s usually wiser to shut off all your home’s water sources at once in order to minimize damage caused by further leakage and its subsequent worsening. This will prevent further leakage and help to minimize its severity and associated repair costs.

    Drain the system

    Open the hot and cold at the lowest fixture this is usually the laundry tub in the basement. This will empty the system and release the pressure helping to minimize the damage .

    Clean Up the Surrounding Area

    Even the strictest maintenance routine may not prevent all leaks from forming in your home. While these leaks may initially appear minor and cause no real harm, if left unattended, they could grow into larger problems quickly if left alone—knowing how to handle these plumbing situations quickly and efficiently is vital to the health of your home’s infrastructure.

    Cleanup around a leak is also key to mitigating its impact and getting ready for your trusted emergency plumber to visit. Epoxy putty can help here; just break off a suitable-sized piece, work it between your hands until malleable, and then apply it to the crack or hole. Duct tape can also serve as an emergency repair solution; wrap several layers around the leak to keep it contained until the plumber arrives.

    Note: Do not consider this a permanent solution, and call our 24/7 same-day emergency plumbers at 343-305-1172 to quickly rectify the situation.