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    The plumbing in your home is a system that keeps water flowing, waste moving and home fires from starting. If something isn’t working properly, it could lead to unpleasant surprises like flooding or sewage backups. It’s important to know how to identify these problems before they become serious issues.

    Water Leaks & Damages

    Water can leak into the wall and cause damage to drywall or insulation; it can leak into the flooring, causing damage to carpets and floorboards; and it can even get up into your ceiling. If left unrepaired for too long, these leaks could lead to mould growth or structural issues with your home’s foundation.

    If sewage is leaking into your home’s water supply, it can cause illness. In fact, drinking water-related illnesses of concern in Canada. According to a 2018 report, over 400,000 enteric diseases related to drinking water occur each year—children and older adults are especially susceptible to serious illness as a result of these types of infections.

    Sewage water can be dangerous as well—the waste from broken sewer lines can contaminate your home’s water supply and cause bacteria growth inside walls and floors, potentially leading to mould growth or structural damage over time if left unchecked by professional plumbers like our experts at Tap Tech.

    The waste from broken sewer lines can also corrode pipes throughout your house’s plumbing system—both inside walls and under floors—which means higher repair costs down the line when leaks start occurring.

    Plumbing is integral to daily urban living, and many individuals don’t consider their plumbing until they require an emergency plumber. For individuals and families who require a plumber NOW and need someone to fix their problem right away, working with an expert at Tap Tech will ensure long-term sustainability of your plumbing systems and premier, on-demand plumbing service.


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