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    Leaks from under the sink can be both unsightly and hazardous; mouldy puddles could form within your cabinet if left unresolved for too long. It is imperative that this issue is taken care of quickly before it escalates into a more serious concern, bringing with it damaged furniture and potential health complications of mould and mildew.

    Your problem might be fixable by yourself with some troubleshooting tips; however, if your knowledge of plumbing tasks is limited, it would be wiser to seek professional assistance from a reputable emergency plumber.

    1. Tighten the Slip/Compression Nuts

    If you notice water pooling under your sink cabinet or seeping through to your floors, or worse yet, leaking all over them, now is the time to take action. A leaky drain can not only be inconvenient, but could lead to mould growth and structural damage that threatens health and well-being.

    If the leak is due to loose slip nuts (compression nuts), tighten them using for optimal results, use a pipe wrench or adjustable pliers.

    If the leaks are due to corrosion, you will need to replace them with new ones. Before making your replacements, apply Plumber’s Tape around all threaded areas in your drain to create a watertight seal and avoid over-tightening any nuts, as this could crack them and create leakage issues. If all else fails and there’s still leakage present after doing everything right, contact a professional same-day plumber near you who will be able to identify and address it efficiently.

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    2. Check the Connections

    If your slip-nuts remain loose and your pipes still leak, The Home Depot reports this could be due to compromised connections—possibly when pipe threads or fittings have worn down and no longer provide an effective seal.

    To locate the source of leaking pipes, carefully examine the area underneath your sink. Look out for signs like puddles or moist and smelly floors, which indicate an ailing plumbing system, or check for loose drain covers or garbage disposal units that might also indicate problems.

    If you notice water leaks, an easy way to pinpoint their location is by placing paper towels around them and checking them for wet spots. For longer-term solutions, it would be wiser to contact a professional plumber near you.

    3. Apply Teflon Paste

    On occasion, tightening slip nuts between drain pipes alone won’t suffice to stop leaks; when this occurs, Teflon Paste may provide the ideal solution.

    Loosen the nuts to expose the washer and apply the paste around it then hand tighten the nut and make a guatrter turn with channel locks. If the leak still persists, consider calling in professional help, as they’ll likely provide more permanent solutions.

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