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    Leaky pipes are more than just a nuisance. As a plumber in Kingston, we have seen leaky pipes lead to serious damage and costly repairs if left unaddressed for too long. It’s important to be on the lookout for signs of a potential leak. Here are some warning signs that you should watch out for in your home:

    Plumber in Kingston: Leaky Pipes

    Leaky pipes are more than just a nuisance. If left unfixed for long enough, they can cause major problems that require extensive repairs and even endanger your family’s health.

    Leaks are often caused by cracks in the pipe itself or by corrosion at the joints where two pipe pieces connect. These leaks allow water to seep through the walls of your home and into surrounding structures like walls or ceilings. If left unattended for too long, this water can cause mould to grow and mildew on your floorboards and drywall—and that’s not all! 

    Leaky pipes can also damage floors, weaken foundation supports, create electrical issues due to water damage near wiring sources (more on that later), and even put you at risk for injury. Get in touch with your local plumber in Kingston if you’re noticing any potential signs of a leaky pipe.

    Signs of a leaky pipe

    If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to call a professional.

    • Mould and mildew: If you spot mould and mildew in your bathroom or kitchen area, this is usually an indication of a serious water problem in your home. Mouldy areas should be cleaned immediately with bleach or ammonia so that the scent will help prevent the growth of new mould spores.
    •  Water damage: You may notice small discolorations on floors, walls and ceiling; these discolorations indicate where water has seeped into your home through cracks or pinholes in water or drain pipes.
    • Musty smell: If you discover a musty smell in your home, this is a sign of mould. Mould can cause respiratory problems, allergic reactions, infections and asthma. It can also irritate the skin and eyes.

    Plumber in Kingston

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