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    Plumbing problems are frustrating to deal with, and the average home will experience common plumbing issues that can spring up at any time. The good news is some of these problems are easy to fix, and you can try doing repairs on your own before you contact a plumbing tech near you. 

    Here are the five most common plumbing problems and how to fix them:

    Low Water Pressure

    This complaint is usually associated with the sink faucet, and the first thing you need to check is if the low water pressure is affecting both the hot and cold water. If that’s the case, the cause is most likely the aerator. Calcium deposits can slowly build up in the faucet aerator and reduce water pressure, but a blocked aerator is very easy to fix, and you must remove it carefully to clean out any debris built up on the aerator and place it back on after you’re done cleaning. 

    Slow-Draining Sink

    If your sink is draining slowly, it’s likely the result of debris. The pop-up that is used to stop debris in the sink will often collect a lot of hair and debris over time, and this will have to be cleaned out. You will have a few options when doing this, and you can use a zip-it which is a very handy plumbing tool to clean out your drain, or you can remove the pop-up and clean it out. Pop-ups are usually held in place with a nut attached to the drain just under the sink and can be unscrewed by hand or with pliers. Once this nut is removed, you can then clean the pop-up and reinstall it.

    Slow-Draining Tub

    Tub drains are often full of hair, which will slow water down as it drains out of the tub. The zip-it tool can help in these situations, as can a pair of needle nose pliers, both of which can be used to reach in and clear out the debris in your drain. A tub stopper will first have to be removed if there is one in the drain. At Tap Tech, your reputable plumbing techs near you, we recommend clearing out the debris in the tub drain on a regular basis, even if your tub is not draining slowly, because if it is left too long, it can eventually clog your drain completely. 

    Running Toilet

    Step one is to determine the cause of your running toilet. Once you know which of the working components of your toilet is causing the problem, you can then replace it or repair the part. If you cannot find the cause of your running toilet, contact a plumbing tech near you to diagnose and fix this problem. 

    Jammed Garbage Disposal

    If you can’t find the key that comes with the garbage disposal, you can still unjam your unit using an Allen wrench. There is an opening to insert the key at the very bottom of the disposal, and you can use a ¼ inch Allen wrench to turn it in both directions to free the motor. 


    Do you prefer to have a professional plumbing tech near you fix your problem? The experts at Tap Tech are always ready to help! 5-Star, on-demand plumbing services near you in Southeastern Ontario: we will diagnose your plumbing issue and provide you with urgent plumbing service and repair.

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