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    Sewer Cleaning and Tree Roots

    Sewer Cleaning and Tree Roots

    Tree roots are a common cause of sewer blockages, as they are drawn to the moisture and nutrients found in sewers. This can create clogs and backups, which can be difficult and costly. Professional sewer cleaners like Tap Tech use specialized tools such as power augers, hydro-jetting, sewer cameras, root cutters, and more to clear out blockages caused by roots.

    Sewer Lines

    Power augers are typically used for Cleaning from your home to the city’s main pipe or Septic Tank. These long, flexible rods have cutting blades mounted, which can break up the debris blocking the line. Cameras are sometimes used during cleaning if pipe damage from tree roots is suspected, as they provide an accurate view of what is causing the blockage and where it’s located in the sewer pipe. If roots are identified as the culprits of a blockage, sharp steel cutters can safely trim the roots away without damaging the pipes, or excavation may be required to repair the damaged pipe.

    Septic Tanks

    To prevent costly repairs due to sewer blockages caused by tree roots, professional cleaning services should always be called upon when dealing with these kinds of issues. Additionally, ensuring septic tanks are inspected regularly can help identify potential problems before they become serious issues requiring professional attention. Always check your septic tank before calling a plumber to clean your sewer, especially if it has not been pumped in over three years.

    Sewer Cleaning

    Sewer Cleaning is a necessary process that helps keep sewers clear and functioning properly. Clogs and blockages caused by tree roots are one of the most common sewer issues, as they are drawn to the moisture and nutrients found in sewers. This can lead to backups, sewage overflows, and repairs if not attended to properly. Professional sewer cleaning companies use specialized tools such as sewer snakes, hydro-jetting, sewer cameras, root cutters, and more to remove these obstacles effectively.

    Tree Roots

    Tree Roots

    Tree roots can cause sewer blockages when they penetrate sewer pipes and surrounding soil. Over time, the roots will spread throughout the lines, creating an obstruction that is difficult to remove without specialized tools. The more extensive tree root networks become, the harder it is to clear out blockages. Tree root systems can also multiply; when exposed to moisture and nutrients found in sewer lines, their growth rate increases dramatically, making them even harder to manage. As roots grow over and around sewer pipes, they create a web-like network that prevents wastewater from flowing properly through sewer lines. Eventually, this can lead to backups, sewage overflows, and expensive repairs. In addition, tree roots may also break apart or crack sewer pipes if left unchecked for long enough periods. This can further increase the damage caused by sewer system blockages due to tree roots and result in even more repairs.

    Sewer Cleaning

    Sewer cleaning professionals like Tap Tech use various methods to remove tree root blockages from sewer pipes and lines. One popular method is the power auger, which involves using a cable-like tool that can be inserted into sewer pipelines to cut through roots and other debris. Sewer snakes are usually equipped with special cutting blades that help break apart the clog and clear away any obstruction in the system. Additionally, sewer cameras may be used to identify the location and size of tree root networks within sewer lines. This can help plumbers determine the best way to remove them without damaging sewer pipes or surrounding soil. Root cutters are then used to trim away any large chunks of roots that may remain after the sewer snake has been used.


    Hydro Jetting is another sewer cleaning method that utilizes high-pressure water jets to cut through root masses and other obstructions in sewer lines. This process helps clear away stubborn clogs quickly while preventing further damage to sewer pipes due to tree roots or other causes. Hydro-jetting also removes grease buildup and other residues that might have accumulated within piping over time.

    Sewer cameras

    Cameras provide an extensive view of what is causing the obstruction and its exact location within the sewer system, thus allowing technicians to determine the most efficient way to remove it without damaging surrounding pipes or sewer lines. In addition, cameras may also detect cracks or breaks in sewer pipes that could lead to future problems due to tree roots or other causes.

    Professional sewer cleaners may also use tools such as root cutters which work similarly to power augers but are specially designed for removing large masses of roots from even the toughest clogs. Root cutters feature rotating blades, making them incredibly effective at cutting through thick masses quickly and efficiently, saving homeowners time and money on expensive repairs.

    Benefits of professional sewer cleaning services:

    sewer cleaning services

    1. Sewer cleaning services Invest in sewer cleaning equipment
    2. Utilize power augers for cutting through roots and other debris
    3. Inspect piping with cameras for cracks or breaks
    4. Employ root cutters for removing large masses of tree roots from even the toughest clogs

    – Prevents sewer blockages caused by tree roots before they become serious issues.

    – Removes existing root blockages quickly and efficiently with specialized tools such as sewer snakes, hydro-jetting, sewer cameras, root cutters, and more.

    – Provides a detailed view of what is causing the obstruction and its location in the sewer line via sewer camera inspections.

    – Helps reduce repairs due to tree root blockages.

    – Keeps sewer lines functioning properly for long periods with regular maintenance inspections.

    Sewer Snakes

    Sewer Snakes are a standard sewer cleaning tool used to clear blockages, usually made of flexible steel cable attached to a rotating drum. The sewer snake is inserted into the sewer system and manually or mechanically guided through the sewer pipes. At the same time, its flexible steel cable scrapes off built-up debris, roots, and other material that blocks sewer lines. In more extreme cases, sewer snakes can also be equipped with special cutting blades that help break apart root masses and clogs. 


    Hydro-jetting is another sewer cleaning method that utilizes high-pressure water jets to remove tree root blockages from sewer systems effectively. This method works by introducing highly pressurized streams of water into sewer pipes, breaking up root masses, sludge, and other debris that would otherwise be difficult to remove with traditional sewer cleaning tools. The process is usually performed using specialized equipment such as hydraulic nozzles, hoses, and pumps, which can provide enough pressure to cut through stubborn blockages quickly and thoroughly. 

    Sewer Cameras

    Sewer cameras are an important component of professional sewer cleaning as they provide a detailed view of what is causing the blockage and where it’s located in the sewer line; this helps determine how best to remove it without damaging the pipes or sewer system. Sewer cameras are typically mounted on a reel or spool attached to a cable, which can be fed into the sewer for inspection. Once inside the sewer system, the camera can provide images that help technicians identify any existing issues or potential problems with drainage within the pipe system. 

    Root cutters

    Root cutters are specialized tools for removing large chunks of tree roots from sewer pipes; these tools feature diamond blades or steel cutting heads mounted on rotating arms that can reach deep sewer systems and cut through heavy tree root networks more quickly than traditional methods like hydro-jetting or plumbing snakes. Electric motors typically power root cutters with enough torque to get through even rugged root masses. 

    Preventative Sewer Maintenance

    Sewer Maintenance

    The most effective preventative measure is to regularly inspect your sewer system and address any potential issues before they become serious. Regular sewer line inspections can help identify cracks or other damage that might be causing roots to enter sewer pipes and detect signs of blockages. Homeowners can also consider installing sewer liners to protect the sewer system from roots and other debris and performing regular sewer line cleaning such as hydro-jetting or sewer snake cleaning to keep the sewer system free of obstructions.

    What we have learned

    From sewer snakes to root cutters and sewer cameras, various sewer cleaning tools are available for homeowners to use to prevent tree root blockages. However, the best way to keep your sewer clear is by taking preventive measures such as regular maintenance inspections and regular sewer cleaning. Tap Tech is a professional sewer cleaner that can help remove stubborn roots or other debris from your sewers quickly and efficiently.

    At Tap Tech, we understand the importance of proper sewer maintenance, so we offer services that make it easy for homeowners to maintain their sewer lines. Our services include root cutters, sewer cameras, and hydro-jetting – all of which can help remove tree roots from sewer pipes quickly and easily. Contact Tap Tech today to learn more about our services and how we can help you keep your sewer lines in tip-top shape!

    Common Signs Your Residential Sewer Needs Cleaning

    Common Signs Your Residential Sewer Needs Cleaning

    If you have noticed your drains are slow, you may need to have your sewer cleaned. Tree roots can clog your sewer system, and you might also notice air bubbles from your toilet. This article will outline some of the common signs, why they happen, and what your next steps should be.

    Slow Drains

    This might be the first sign that your sewer needs cleaning if you have a slow-draining sink or multiple fixtures. It’s best to call a plumber, as a DIY project will not likely clear the clog completely. Even a drain snake may not be enough to remove the clog—with more than 25 years of experience, Tap Tech’s plumber can use tried-and-true methods to clear your drains.

    Slow drains are the first sign of a clog. They may be caused by hair, soap, grease, or foreign objects. These build up over time and cannot be fixed easily. You may also notice an odour coming from the drain—this could be a sign of a sewer gas leak.

    Air Bubbles from the Toilet

    When you flush the toilet, you may notice air bubbles coming out of the toilet bowl. This is normal when the toilet is first flushed and can signify that the drain lines have not been used in a while. However, when this issue persists for more than one flush, you may need to have your residential sewer system cleaned. If you notice any of these signs, call a plumber to come and solve the problem.

    If you notice air bubbles coming from your toilet, you probably have a clogged toilet. However, gurgling noises in your sewer may be caused by excess toilet paper. Too much toilet paper can partially clog a toilet and prevent proper airflow down the pipe. Another potential cause of a sewer clog is an animal that has entered the vent pipe. You should have it cleaned if you notice animal debris in the vent pipe.

    Tree Roots

    When a tree root grows into a sewer pipe, it will often break into the pipe and create a clog. This will lead to an unpleasant smell and slow-draining water in your home. When this happens, you should contact a plumber to have the pipes cleaned out

    These roots may have entered your sewer line through a joint. They grow thicker over time because of the nutrients they have found in your plumbing system. As they grow, they will catch on to bigger pieces of waste and cause a clog. If you’ve noticed a slow drain or strange odours coming from your drain, it’s a sign that you need to have your pipes cleaned. A plumber can use specialized tools and years of experience to find and prevent these clogs from worsening. 

    Clogged Main Line

    The most common cause of a clogged mainline is tree roots. These invasive plants can grow into small cracks in large pipes and develop a network of roots, blocking the entire pipe. Tree roots also get caught in toilet paper and other bulk products. Eventually, these clogs can block your entire sewer system and cause serious backflow problems.

    If you have ever experienced a slow-draining sink or bathtub, it may be a sign that your sewer line is clogged. You can often remove clogs using conventional methods available at home improvement stores. However, if the clog is in your main line, you may need professional help. A clogged mainline can lead to extensive repairs.

    Call Tap Tech today at 343-305-11729 if you are experiencing concerns with your residential sewer near Kingston.