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    Few plumbing issues are as disruptive as frozen pipes. When frigid temperatures creep indoors, the water inside supply lines can freeze and expand, rupturing pipes. Tap Tech provides professional pipe thawing services in Kingston, Elgin, Gananoque, Brockville, Greater Napanee and surrounding areas, quickly and safely restoring frozen pipe function.

    About Tap Tech

    With over 25 years of plumbing expertise serving South Eastern Ontario, Tap Tech brings extensive experience thawing frozen water lines. Our licensed, insured technicians utilize advanced thawing methods to get your pipes flowing again with minimal property disturbance.

    As your trusted local plumbing experts, we consider ourselves part of the community. We aim to be your reliable partner in resolving frozen pipe emergencies. Our licensed Plumbers have consistently provided exceptional pipe thawing services to residential and commercial clients throughout the region.

    Why You Should Leave Pipe Thawing to the Experts

    When pipes freeze, many homeowners first attempt risky DIY methods to thaw them. But going the DIY route often proves ineffective or actually makes the situation worse. Methods like blow torches, chemical agents, and physical force seem logical but carry serious drawbacks.

    Blow torches present a significant fire hazard, especially when used near flammable insulation or wood framing. Their direct flame can also damage or weaken pipe material. Chemical thawing products containing glycols or alcohols must be handled extremely carefully to prevent toxic fumes. Caustic chemicals also corrode and eat away at pipe interiors over time. Hitting or hammering on pipes seems direct but risks fracturing or splitting pipe joints. The force can break frozen sections that may already be weakened and prone to bursting.

    Frozen pipes are highly vulnerable to rupturing and flooding, leading to water pouring through the home. This quickly causes extensive and costly damage. Tap Tech uses specialized, commercial-grade thawing equipment to gently yet rapidly restore frozen pipe function. Our advanced gear and trained technicians thaw your pipes safely and effectively, avoiding the risks of DIY methods.

    When to Call for Pipe Thawing

    Frozen pipes often exhibit clear warning signs well before they actually rupture and start leaking. Being able to recognize these early indicators will allow you to call for professional thawing before major damage occurs. Signs that your pipes have frozen and require pipe thawing services include:

    A complete stoppage of water flow from affected fixtures, even when faucets are turned fully open. Visible ice or frost accumulating on the exterior of water supply lines running through unheated areas. Plumbing vents on your roofline emitting unusually robust steam or vapor as trapped water tries to escape. Loud, high-pitched water hammer noises coming from within pipes as expanding ice interferes with normal flow. Ominous creaking, cracking, or popping sounds coming from inside walls and ceilings as frozen pipe sections swell and build pressure.

    The sooner you reach out for professional pipe thawing after detecting these issues, the lower your risk of pipes rupturing or structurally deteriorating. Don’t wait until you actually witness leaking or see water spewing out. Take action at the first signs of frozen pipes. Tap Tech can quickly restore normal pipe function and avoid extensive damage.

    Pipe Materials We Can Thaw

    The certified Plumbers at Tap Tech have the proper equipment and expertise to efficiently thaw all common types of pipe material. This includes plastic pipes such as PVC, CPVC, PEX and polyethylene (PE) tubing, which are vulnerable to fracture when frozen. We also thaw metal pipes made from copper, galvanized steel, and cast iron, where ice expansion can cause joints to split. 

    Our thawing capability also covers lead pipes, allowing us to restore flow to aged plumbing systems. In addition to water supply lines, we can also handle frozen drains and sewer lines. Regardless of the pipe material or plumbing system, any type of pipe can burst or deteriorate when ice forms. Tap Tech has the comprehensive experience and gear to thaw them all safely.

    Why Rely on Tap Tech for Pipe Thawing?

    With over 25 years of proven expertise and advanced commercial-grade thawing equipment, Tap Tech has a reliable track record successfully restoring frozen pipes in Kingston, Elgin, Gananoque, Brockville, Greater Napanee and surrounding areas.

    Our licensed Plumbers are fully trained in all pipe thawing methods, allowing them to approach each situation with the ideal thawing solution. We utilize specialized heating gear designed to safely and rapidly thaw frozen pipes without posing risks like fire or electrocution. Our strategic thawing process also minimizes unnecessary property damage by targeting only affected areas.

    5-Star Service. 24/7 Availability

    Recognizing that frozen pipe emergencies can happen at all hours in frigid weather, we also provide 24/7 thawing services on-demand.

    For proven effective frozen pipe restoration backed by licensed, expert Plumbers, trust Tap Tech. Don’t leave burst, frozen pipes to chance—call us at 343-305-1172 for fast emergency thawing services.

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